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10 things you learn about yourself when you travel solo

travel solo

A solo trip is more than just a trip – it’s filled with opportunities and possibilities that you just don’t get if you travel with pals. It’s not necessarily better but it’s different, and the learnings are countless. Here’s 10 things you’re pretty much guaranteed to come away with when you travel solo:

You love making new friends

You’re a million times more social than you thought you were, and being a social butterfly is actually really fun. Once that initial convo anxiety subsides, approachability is your middle name and your new friends will start piling up.

Travel friends

Or, you love your alone time a little more

Maybe you need some quality time with me, myself and I to figure out what the heck you’re doing with your life, or maybe you really enjoy getting lost in a city with only your playlist to listen to. Whatever you’re down for, both options are there.

You can be decisive

When there’s no one else to put their two cents in, you have no choice but to make decisions or else you’re gonna spend all of your time in your hotel room. Not only can you be decisive, but you learn how to maximize your time, go with your gut and make a smart and speedy decision, all by yourself. Self confidence boost or what.

Travel solo

Your preferred sleeping habits

Think you’re a morning person? When there’s only you to set the alarm in the AM and decide it’s time to head home in the PM, you may surprise yourself with the schedule you develop. Siestas may be your favourite time of day and you don’t even know it yet ‘til you give it a try.

Maybe you don’t love museums as much as you thought

All of those cliché things you do on vacation just because you think you’re supposed to can go out the window. Me time means no B.S., and you can do what you REALLY want to do, ALL DAY LONG.

A woman solo traveling, sitting on the steps of a building eating ice cream.

You’ll learn exactly what your creature comforts are

Some people get more homesick than others, and some people just have a hard time adjusting to new beds and strange pillows. You’ll get into a routine and find out exactly what it takes to feel comfortable and stop missing your life at home. Maybe eating pizza for every meal is your dream diet – this is how you find that out.

You can be whoever the hell you want

All of the stress and history of your home life is left behind when you travel solo – you have total control and the freedom to make the first impression that you really want to. Your travel persona can be a daredevil, a comedian or a dancing machine – strangers are none the wiser if it’s out of character, so go for it and see how it feels on you.

Travel solo

How good you are at budgeting, really?

Maybe you wanna blow your entire budget on Moroccan rugs and eat the cheapest street food all day – it’s your money, and there’s no one to judge how you spend it when you’re solo.

Home is where your heart is, or not

Travelling solo can really make you appreciate your life at home, or it can show you what you’re missing out on. Either way, you can’t help but evaluate your home life and how much your school/ job/ friends/ family really mean to you when you travel alone.

Solo travel

Basically, you’re a BOSS

You can do all the things, and you can do them alone. You’ll make new friends, have a blast, and genuinely enjoy your quality alone time exactly how you want to. What’s better than that?