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11 of the best cheap Greek eats

Greek eats

Greek food does SO many things so well – meat, yogurt, cheese, and don’t even get us started on those grilling and roasting skills. But just because the food tastes a million bucks, doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. Whether grabbing food on the go or picnicking on a sun soaked sea view patio, these are our favourite cheap Greek eats…


THE Greek street food classic – pita stuffed deliciously to the brim with meat, onions, tomatoes, French fries, cheese and of course, tzatziki.


Tzatziki, and everything imaginable dipped in tzatziki

Yogurt, garlic, cucumber goodness that you can practically dip anything in. Pita bread, meat, veggies, fingers – it’s all good.

Greek food - Tzatziki


For chicken that’ll make you wonder what the heck you’re doing wrong when you make chicken at home – perfectly seasoned, juicy meat or veggies grilled on a skewer.



The cutest appetizers cooked in a small frying pan, with the most popular option, obviously, being fried cheese. Pick a few and make it a meal.



Grape leaves or peppers stuffed with veggies and meat. Perfect for when you’re feeling guilty from your previous meat and cheese indulgences and you wanna add some 5 a day to your meal plan.

Greek food - Dolmas


Nutty shortbread-style cookies dusted in icing sugar. You can find them made with brandy as well for an extra special kick.

Greek food - Kourabiedes

Greek yogurt

The infamous yogurt that trampled your pre-conceived notions about how good yogurt could be. Thick and creamy, perfection on its own and even better served with honey or fruit.

Greek food - Greek Yogurt


The Greek version of a pretzel without the pretzel price – a sesame seed covered bread ring that is super cheap and available almost everywhere.

Greek food - Koulouri


The Greek food version of sheppard’s pie with eggplant and minced meat, often with a creamy béchamel sauce for next level slurpiness.

Greek food - Moussaka

Calamari and Octopus

Grilled or fried to perfection. It’s a fancier food in some parts of the world, but both are extremely common, affordable and SO fresh in Greece.

Greek food - Calamari

Greek salad, pita, olives and dips

Skip the main dish and you can absolutely make a lunch out of the pita, olives and Greek salad that are often served as appetizers. These are a godsend when the Ouzo is flowing and you need a few nibbles as well.

Greek food - Breads and dips