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11 Reasons To Visit The Northern Territory Once In Your Life

Image of Uluru for Contiki Holidays

Australian outback? Northern Territory? Yes. It’s time to move it to the top of your list ASAP. We teamed up with Australian Contiki Trip Manager, Trys Eddy, to show us WHY we need to visit the Northern Territory at least once in our lives.

There’s an incredible red rock in the middle of Uluru.

Image of Uluru for Contiki Holidays

And you can enjoy a swim in Florence falls at Litchfield National park.

Image of Florence falls in Litchfield National park Australia - Contiki

But your outback adventure only begins in Kings canyon.

Image of Kings canyon, Northern territory, Australia - Contiki

And if you’ve ever watched Crocodile dundee, this is the famous Kakadu national park.

Image of Kakadu, Australia outback - Contiki

The sunset on Ubirr rock isn’t a bad view either.

Image of Ubirr rock in Kakadu, Australia - Contiki

The legendary Kata Tjuta is also pretty remarkable.

Image of Kata Tjuta, Australia - Contiki

Yep. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before right?

Image of Kata Tjuta, Australia - Contiki

And if you’re lucky, you can spot one of Australia’s most iconic reptiles on a crocodile tour.

Image of crocodile - Contiki

There’s also extraordinary ancient Aboriginal rock art for you to see. It dates back more than 50,000 years.

Image of Aboriginal rock art in Northern Territory, Australia - Contiki

And don’t forget to get your swagger on at Kings Creek station around a bonfire beneath the stars.

Image of Contiki travellers at Kings creek station - Australia

Because the greatest outback adventure can only be found in #STRAYA mate.

Contiki bus in front of Uluru - Australia

All images were taken by Contiki Trys. Follow his journey as a trip manager for Contiki Australia at @contiki_trys!