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A nocturnal city street, captured in a slightly out of focus photograph.

One for the creatures of the night; those of you who welcome the darkness and come to life when the sun goes down, here is a list of 11 things you’ve gotta do.

Go on a Night Safari in Singapore

Take a guided tram ride across 7 different animal geographical zones of the world. Witness some of the coolest nocturnal animals in full swing with the special Creatures of the Night Show. Operating slightly different hours to a diurnal zoo, the Night Safari opening hours are from 7.30pm to 12:00am.

Image of the night safari sign in Singapore

See the New York City Skyline

Hop the subway and head for Brooklyn Heights and walk a few hundred metres to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. From here you’ll be able to see an incredible view of lower Manhattan with a magnificent sight of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you are with a group of people, take a leisurely stroll down to Dumbo, located in-between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge – the perfect place for a panorama photo.

Image of the New York City skyline and Brooklyn Bridge

Watch the light show in Hong Kong

Named the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” by the Guinness World Records, Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour puts on a dazzling display of lights. The show involves over 40 buildings and takes place at 8pm daily. For the best view, head to the Avenue of Stars.

The skyline of Hong Kong is illuminated at night.

Fly lanterns at Yi Peng in Thailand

Releasing these floating lanterns into the night is said to bring good luck. Even if you don’t believe this, it is quite a magical site seeing thousands of these slowly drifting higher and higher into the air. In some parts of Thailand you can fly these all year round but the actual event takes place every 2nd lunar month of the Lanna calendar in Northern Thailand.

Images of lanterns being released in Yi Peng in Thailand

Experience the Shilin Night Market in Taipei

A hot spot for some mouthwatering street food, the Shilin Night Markets is easy to access via MRT, has a great variety of shops and is incredibly lively. It’s a great place for a feed and some souvenirs and attracts crowds of people on weekends.

Image of the Shilin Night Market in Taipei

Visit Top of the Rock

The Rockefeller Plaza is one of the greatest monuments in Manhattan. It’s a place where culture and business meet, and home to one of the most famous ice rink and Christmas tree in the world. Top of the Rock, located at the very top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, has an incredibly breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. Open 8am until 11pm daily, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the city that never sleeps.

Image of the New York skyline from the top of the rock

Enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas

Step into another world with a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. Eight different shows are on offer; allow your senses, emotions and imagination to run wild. From here, your options are endless for the night.

Image of the cast of Cirque De Soleil

Night skiing in Austria

If skiing during the day isn’t thrilling enough for you… give it a go at night! Skiwelt Söll, Brixen and Westendorf all provide a night skiing option (and even tobogganing at Söll). The slopes are beautifully lit by spotlights, allowing you to ski all day and all night. Until they close it.

Image of an empty ski lift at night

See the Milky Way in outback Australia

No, I’m not referring to that delicious children’s chocolate. The Milky Way Galaxy is completely mind blowing from outback Australia. With little to no ambient light, the sky is lit up like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It is incredibly peaceful and calming to sit and stargaze. If you hang around long enough, you may even spot a shooting star or 20…! If you have a good camera, do take it with you!

Image of the starry sky

Experience the midnight Sun – Arctic or Antarctic

Just imagine – a day that never ends. Sunset becomes sunrise. Midday or midnight? Without a clock, you’d never be able to tell. Just when you think the sun is setting, it decides to come back up. You can experience this during summer in very northern parts of Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Russia (or the Arctic Circle), to name a few.

Image of the midnight sun over a lake

Witness the Aurora Borealis – Scandinavia

A natural phenomenon on thousands (probably millions) of bucket lists around the world; Aurora Borealis (or Aurora Australis in the South Pole) is one breathtaking light show. These lights surrounding the North and South magnetic Poles have fascinated people for years, bringing them from all over the world to marvel at their beauty. Where can you see these? Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Tasmania and New Zealand (just to name a few).

Image of the Aurora Borealis