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12 reasons why the Amalfi Coast will never stop stealing our goddamn hearts

Amalfi Coast

Coastal life is typically some of the best you can get, but when you’re talking Italy and the Amalfi Coast in particular, you can’t get much better. Period.

The Amalfi Coast is pretty close to a literal paradise, and it’s one of those places that you can simply never get enough of. Here are 12 reasons why we’ll keep dreaming about going there for the rest of our lives:

An aerial view of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.


It only makes sense that one of the world’s most heavenly nectars would be produced in one of the world’s most heavenly places, and thus limoncello and the Amalfi Coast are nothing short of a match made in heaven. We have the delectable Sorrento lemons to thank for limoncello because it’s truly hard to find a better lemon anywhere in the world.

This lemony Italian liqueur is the perfect after-dinner treat, and is even better in cocktails or poured on top of gelato. There are few things that are as satisfying as an ice-cold sip of limoncello on a hot day, whether it’s on the Amalfi or at home.

Like most things, lemons are just better on the Amalfi.


The views

There isn’t really a bad direction to look on the Amalfi Coast, and there is no better time to add some panoramic or 360° shots to your repertoire. The views out onto the water are stunning blues, dotted with the boats and yachts of the rich and famous, plus with the curvy nature of the coast, you can’t help but get a view of the shores as well.

The Amalfi coastline is covered with rugged rock formations and gorgeous colourful and crisp buildings that seem to have sprouted organically from the cliff-sides. The lush greenery combines with all of this to make for surroundings that define picturesque. The Amalfi is almost too amazing to be real, so add in the warm weather and cool sea breeze and you’ve got views you’ll daydream about for the rest of your life.

Amalfi views


There are some parts of the Amalfi that can be explored in no other way than by climbing aboard a boat, so getting on the water is a must. The views completely change from the water, and there is so much more to explore down at sea level. Grottos, caves, waterfalls, islets – it’s all straight out of a fantasy film, and you’ll fall in love with a whole new side of this place when you strap on your sea legs.

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The drive

Coastal drives are always scenic but just like practically everything else, the Amalfi does it better. The drive is probably one of the prettiest in the world, and while you may not want to be the one in the driver’s seat navigating these cliff-side twists and turns (unless you’re a confident and thrill-seeking driver), being a passenger alone is a pretty epic experience.

The drive along the coast is known for being one of the most narrow and bendy coastal drives, and if you feel like you’re in a movie when driving it, it’s probably because this iconic stretch of road has been used on film time and time again. If there was ever a time to wear a billowing scarf and cruise in a convertible, this would be it.

Amalfi Drives

The real life Themyscira

If you’ve done any movie watching this year, you’ve probably seen the film of the summer and the excellence that is Wonder Woman. We all drooled over shots of Themyscira and wished we could be there in real life, but we were really drooling over the Amalfi Coast, without even knowing it.

Themyscira, the home of Wonder Woman and an Amazon paradise, was filmed on the Amalfi. All of those amazing cliffs and beaches that Diana trains amongst are places that exist in real life, and the fact that they’re right there in Italy and not on some remote island in the middle of the ocean is an amazing treat.

We can go and fan-girl out in what feels like the remote paradise of Themyscira, then have an Italian feast in Sorrento for lunch on the same day. Can life get any better?

A group of people riding horses along the Amalfi Coast.

The Seafood

The sea is literally right there.

You can’t get it any more fresh, local and legendary than eating the finest Italian seafood in the Amalfi. Combine that with the exquisite restaurant views and the sheer number of amazing dining options in the area, and you can spend all day every day just travelling along the coast, hopping from restaurant to restaurant and getting all of the foodie goods you can handle.

And you know what goes perfectly with seafood? Lemons. If you’re immediately thinking back to point number one, you’re beginning to understand the delicious repercussions… And did we mention the world-class Michelin star restaurants there too? Enough said. Just get there, and eat everything.


Seafood Pasta

The Hiking

How else are you gonna make room for all of those extra seafood pasta calories? The trails on the Amalfi Coast are just waiting to be hiked, and it’s just the kind of hilly, temperate and scenic atmosphere that’ll make the workout more fun and less regrettable. And really, when you end up with views like this, it’s hard to dwell on your burning calves.

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For some of us, the scenery and landscape of the Amalfi are picture perfect, and nothing more comes to mind. The most adventurous amongst us see that vibrant blue water, and all of those stunning cliffs, rocks and islands, and want nothing more than to leap from land to water as many times as possible.

If you’re into cliff-jumping (like Devin Supertramp and his crew) then it’s really hard to find a better place to jump to your heart’s content – although this is best left to the professionals.

It is great fun to watch though, either from the shore or from our little floaty in the water.  And if cliff-jumping isn’t your scene, you can indulge in pretty much any other water activity in this perfect aquatic paradise.

The Beaches

The rugged terrain does not a plethora of beaches make, but when you do beach on the Amalfi coast, it’s worth every step it took to get there. Getting to a beach on the coast is typically a journey down from the cliffs and winding roads, or a trip to land by boat, but this just means that your beach time feels that much more secluded and remote when you arrive.

The beaches are small but the water is warm, crystal clear and every shade of blue. After all, that’s all we really need in a beach anyways.

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Surrounding sights

If you don’t want to spend your entire time in Italy on the Amalfi Coast (no judgment, make your own decisions), then you’re in luck, because the Amalfi is the perfect place to call your home base, and you can excursion your way to the coolest sites around, that just so happen to be super close by.

Pompeii, Paestum, Capua, Capri, Ischia, Caserta – there’s no shortage of incredible places to explore, and then you’re always close enough to head on back to the coast when you’re in need of some more Amalfi.


Mount Vesuvius

As far as natural wonders go, you can’t get much more famous than Mount Vesuvius, and to see it for yourself, you’ve gotta get to the Amalfi Coast. It’s notorious, infamous, still dangerous, and responsible for one of the deadliest and most famous volcanic eruptions in history. It’s a great hike with fabulous views of the area, and absolutely worth the visit for history buffs worldwide.



Calling Ravello cute may seem like a letdown after all of the positive adjectives we’re used so far, but if you think of cuteness in Amalfi standards, you’ll begin to understand and fall in love with the coastal gem that is Ravello.

It’s so incredibly charming that you’ll be tempted to stay there for eternity, strolling through its gardens and buildings, gazing down at the immaculate view from its hilltop perch amongst the clouds.

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We could honestly name a dozen more reasons, but you should probably just get yourself to the Amalfi Coast already and fall in love for yourself…

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!