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12 things to consider before you visit Stockholm

Visit Stockholm during winter in Sweden.

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is a unique city. It’s actually 14 islands connected by 50 bridges! Besides knowing the general lay of the land (literally), here’s 12 more things you should consider before you visit Stockholm.

How to pay for stuff

If you’ve got a pocketful of Euros, prepare to hold onto them for a bit longer because Stockholm (and the rest of Sweden) use the Swedish krona exclusively. Unlike many other European countries though, they’re also very into using cards instead of cash. Some places will ONLY accept card in fact, so keep that in mind before you swap tonnes of cash.

Don’t be intimidated by the alphabet

You’ll notice throughout Sweden that they have a lot of words with cool accents, which can make pronouncing them a little tricky to a foreign-speaker. While many locals will speak English, don’t be scared to ask how to say something. We’ll even help get you started! Hello is Hej (pronounced hey). Easy!

No one will judge you

Sweden is a country that always rates highly in terms of LGBT+ and human rights equality. Stockholm is a very modern city where people come from all walks of life, and are accepted for it. Nobody will judge you for the colour of you skin, gender or sexual preference.

You won’t struggle to find a good coffee

Swedes, especially those in Stockholm, take coffee VERY seriously. If you’re a coffee addict you’ll be right at home. They have great brews and even a local term for the humble coffee break, Fika. Fika happens everyday from 2-3:00pm and honestly, we think every country should follow suit.


A group of people holding cups of coffee during their visit to Stockholm.

It’s a good place to be vegan or vegetarian

Because Stockholm is such a modern city, they’re very much at the forefront for all things wellness and being eco-friendly. Since being vego is considered better for the environment, many places in the city will serve vegetarian and vegan friendly meals, as well as have non-dairy milk on hand.

Public transport is amazing

This one isn’t really a surprise considering how together Europe as a whole seems to have it. Stockholm is no different and you’ll find frequent on time trains and buses to get around on, and to and from the airport. Something to consider before splashing for a taxi!

Stand to the right

Speaking of public transport, each country has their unspoken rules around where to stand on an escalator and Sweden is no different. When leaving the metro, stand to the right to avoid huffs and the evil eye.

Your trip will be different depending on when you go

Sweden is riiiiight up at the top of the world and that means that its seasons can be extreme. In winter, it’s going to be in the minus temperatures and snow. The sun will also rise around 9:00am and set at 3:30pm, so be prepared. In summer though the temps will soar and the sun will set at 10:30pm! But most of the locals will leave the city and head to the countryside, so it will be quiet then too. All seasons are beautiful in Sweden, it’s just up to you what kind of trip you want to have.

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Alcohol is pretty expensive

Sweden is expensive in general but you can do most things on a budget… just not maybe drinking. Supermarkets don’t sell alcohol, only specialised bottle shops that close at 6pm, and a wine or beer will be around $8 USD in a bar. Best to keep your eyes peeled for happy hour deals!

The museums are lit

Stockholm has a museum or gallery for every interest and budget. You can see sunken ships lovingly restored, art that will make you think for days, or one dedicated entirely to ABBA; the choice is yours!

Tap water is the way

In some countries tap water will leave you with an upset tummy, but in Sweden it’s better than anything out of a bottle. Some even say it’s the tastiest water in the world!

Try to keep your eyes in your head

Look, we’ve all been thinking it but we’ll say it. Swedish people are very attractive. Be cool about it okay?

A woman riding a bike in Stockholm.