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12 of the top things to do in the Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are near to the top of most people’s travel wish list, but besides knowing it’s a truly special slice of the earth what is there to do there? Our answer to that is SO MUCH! The volcanic string of islands off the coast of Ecuador are unique to the world thanks to their extreme isolation, creating an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna you can only find in the Galapagos. Because of this, many of the top things to do in the Galapagos Islands involve wildlife and nature, but we don’t reckon that will be too much of a problem…

Sunbake next to a marine iguana

There’s iguanas a plenty on the Galapagos Islands! With a few different species all enjoying the sunshine, you’ll be able to find a a buddy to share the beach with and soak up some rays.

Check out the lava tunnel on Santa Cruz Island

These impressive underground tubes still have the scars of the liquid hot magma that used to run through them. Luckily the islands aren’t volcanic anymore so you can safely walk through them and take in the magnitude of how the earth works.

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station

You’re probably coming to the Galapagos because you want to know about the distinctive flora and fauna of the isolated islands, and nowhere is better to do that than the Charles Darwin Research Station. They can answer ALL your questions there!

Learn about the famous giant tortoises

if there’s one thing you have to see in the Galapagos it’s the giant tortoises. The Giant Galapagos Tortoise is unique to the islands and can live for at least 100 years, weighing up to 420kgs.

Bike down some extinct volcanoes

San Cristobal Island is made up of four extinct volcanoes. The best way to explore them all? By bike!

Counting sharks and rays

The Galapagos Islands have as much life beneath the waves as on land. Hammerhead sharks, reef sharks and the Galapagos shark, not to mention countless sting rays call these waters home. Don’t worry, they may be big but most are actually harmless and can be watched safely from a distance.

Swim in the balmy waters of a secluded beach

We don’t know about you but paradise for us is a secret, secluded beach that’s basically our own private island. You’re 100% going to find that in the Galapagos.

Go seal spotting

SEALS! There are plenty of cute fur seals and sea lions on the Galapagos, but don’t get tempted to pet them, they’re not pets.


Have an all out feast at sunset on the sand

Taking in the views of the Galapagos is even better with a full stomach.

Kayak your way around truly untouched islands

Between Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island and Isabela Island (plus WAY more), you’ll be exploring some serious untouched beauty. Grab a kayak or paddle board and find your paradise.

Try to take in the epic 143-metre tall Kicker Rock

Kicker Rock, also known as León Dormido, is what’s left of an old volcano. It’s been eroded over the years and left a big spire in the ocean that just so happens to be great for exploring.


Pretend the blue footed booby bird doesn’t make you giggle

The blue footed booby is famous for, you guessed it, it’s blue feet. They’re only found in tropical and subtropical islands of the Pacific Ocean, but most commonly on the Galapagos where HALF of all breeding pairs roost.