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15 must-dos in Sarajevo

The sun is setting over Sarajevo.

As the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a worldwide cultural and historical landmark, Sarajevo is a total must-see…

Visit the Latin Bridge where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, jumpstarting one of the greatest wars the world has ever seen – WWI.

Visit and explore the old Olympic bobsled track and its awesome graffiti.

Try all of the burek you can find.


Ride an ancient tram on one of the oldest tramlines in the world.

Explore both sides of the cultural divide line that historically separated the Islamic and Christian parts of the city.

Meeting of Cultures Line

Join the locals at a hookah bar.

Buy a lantern, or at least drool over them if your luggage won’t allow for a purchase.

Lantern Shops

Look out for red resin marks (Sarajevo Roses) that now fill holes left by explosions during the Bosnian War.

Visit the beautiful Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart.

Cathedral of Jesus' Heart

Visit the old Hans and the shops and restaurants that reside around the courtyards.

Learn about the occupation of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War at the Tunnel Museum.

Tunnel Museum

Explore the cultural diversity of Sarajevo with a visit to the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque.

Take a day trip to the Srebrenica Genocide Memorial.

Srebrenica Memorial

Appreciate the bold architecture of City Hall.

And always – touch the Sebilj Brunnen fountain and guarantee your return to Sarajevo.