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15 signs that indicate you are totally overdue for a holiday

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Tired, sensitive and feeling lacklustre, with a go-to catchphrase of ‘no’, ‘nope’ or ‘over it’? If your last holiday was over 6 months ago, you’re likely exhibiting at least half of these symptoms. Well, there is only one cure…

You crave foreign cuisine

To travel is to eat, and if you have sudden cravings for food from any culture that isn’t yours, it’s a sure fire sign that you’re desperate to inject a little flavour into your life.

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you’ve got nothing exciting to post on insta

Since it’s been an eon since your last vacay, your Instagram game has been so lacking that you’ve resorted to filling your feed with pictures of your dog. Admit it: you’re in dire need of a jealousy-inducing beachside photoshoot.

You watch eat pray love on repeat

If your go-to cult movie classic is eat pray love, it’s most likely because you fancy yourself having a love affair with carbs in Italy, feeling spiritually awakened in India or falling in love in Bali. Why not go to these countries and create your own movie magic?

You’re constantly tired

If you’ve rinsed 4 cups of coffee and you’ve still got half the day left, you’re likely exhausted by daily life. This fatigue manifests itself as regular naps, difficulty focusing, and lets just say your friends have pretty much given up asking you if you’re coming out tonight. Your mind, body and soul are screaming for a re-charge, preferably somewhere warm…

You look out for flight sales even if you don’t have a holiday booked

Okay, so you don’t actually have anything planned, but it’s still programmed within you to be hyper-aware of upcoming flight sales. If there is one, you’re the first to know… yet you’ve never brought yourself to click ‘book’. Time to make a change?

You haven’t been away in forever

If your favourite artist has released more than one new album since you last went on holiday, or you’ve utterly changed your look since you were last on a plane, it’s a sign you’ve left it too long. Once a year is just never enough…

You want other people to tell you their travel stories

It’s been so long since you’ve travelled that you’re desperate to live vicariously through other people’s trips. You can feed your fantasies through second-hand experiences, but it’s got nothing on the real thing.

…But then you get major travel envy

It’s only natural that you’ve gotten a little jealous from listening to the super tanned girl talk about swimming with dolphins in Greece, while the most exciting thing that’s happened to you this year was the finale of Game of Thrones…

You start to hate your job

It’s no secret that not taking a sufficient break from work can impact your working relationships. If you’re feeling uninspired by your career path, taking a break could make you fall in love with your job again – and your coworkers will be grateful for the new energy you bring back to the office.

You troll through the wanderlust hashtag

Your evening routine consists of scrolling endlessly through the wanderlust hashtag, and mentally photoshopping your face into the images. We’ve all been there…

You fantasise about tanning

If you recently caught yourself in the mirror and wondered at exactly what point you turned into a vampire, your paleness is a sign that you need to catch some sun, and stat. Vitamin D can also improve your mood, so get booking – a happier, more tanned version of yourself awaits!

You feel uninspired by music and tv shows

If you’re struggling to find new shows to watch and new music to listen to, or just struggling to get excited about anything at all, a trip to a new destination is the best way to combat the meh feeling. You’ll discover a whole new world that will be sure to change the way you do things in your day to day.

You consider learning a new language

Desperate to connect with other cultures, you’ve started picking up new words and phrases in foreign languages – partly from all the foreign language films you’ve been watching recently, and partly in the hope that you’ll actually make it to these places…

You’re becoming argumentative

Have you been feeing more irritable than normal? If so, you’ve probably got a case of chronic travel withdrawals. Taking a break is like therapy, and your friends and family will thank you for it when you return with a brand new positive attitude.

All your dreams are about travel

“Oh, yeah – I’ve totally got a holiday booked! Tonight in my dreams I’m planning to finally visit fiji….”