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15 times you’ll forget what season it is in Europe

Europe Everyday

Europe is a magical place for many reasons, one being that it’s a lil bit of everything all in one beautiful continent. Seasons are fickle and irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is that you’re in Europe and having the time of your life.

Here are 15 times you’ll enter a time vortex and forget what month it is when you’re in Europe:

Winter in Paris

When you’re frolicking on the beach in Ibiza, in November.

When the Christmas Market glühwein hits you and warms every limb in your body.

When you order a gelato in the fall and realize it tastes amazing regardless of the temperature.


When you packed for winter but it’s raining instead of snowing in London.

When it’s cold out but you’re soaking your worries away in the baths of Budapest.

Budapest Baths

When you realize that in Spain, sangria is always on the menu and always in season.

When you get to Iceland in the winter and realize it’s not as icy as you expected it to be. It’s actually warmer than it is at home.

When you’re shopping for Christmas seashells, wearing shorts in Ios.


When those Eiffel Tower lights warm up every chilly evening.

When you’re wearing nothing but white in Greece, regardless of when Labour Day is.

When Italy is in the midst of another heat wave and you’re regretting wearing sleeves.


When you’re surrounded by green grass and flowers instead of snow in Scotland during early spring.

When you’re having a snowball fight in the Swiss Alps in the middle of summer.

Swiss Alps

When you realize you’ve been unintentionally walking everywhere instead of hopping on the famous tram in Lisbon, just because it’s so nice out in March.

And when you realize that it’s true, it really is always nice in Nice.

Every season is a new reason to travel to Europe.