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16 times your #foodgoals will be exceeded in Thailand


It’s cheap, fresh, full of variety and a million times better than the imitation Thai you’re having at home. Here’s 16 times food in Thailand trumps your #foodgoals:

When you realize that fried scorpion really just tastes just like crispy chicken wings.

A man holding a scorpion on a stick, showcasing #foodgoals.

When you realize that you can get delicious panang curry anytime, anywhere.

When a fruit shake becomes an essential part of your daily routine and you discover your perfect fruit blend.


When you discover how delicious fried bananas are.

When you realize that beer is cheaper than water, and fall in love with Singha or Chang.


When you discover the perfection that is a REAL spring roll.

When you find fabulous pad Thai for $1.

Pad thai

When you realize that deep fried crickets are the perfect salty snack to pair with a beer.

When you discover that massaman curry is the best savoury dish to combat all that spice.

Massaman Curry

When you discover that fresh mango salad is the most refreshing thing ever.

When you fully embrace the novelty of drinking cocktails out of a plastic bucket.


When you realize how good their Indian food is, and binge on butter paneer masala and butter chicken.

When you discover that crepes in Thailand are widely available and SO delicious.

A close up of a plate of #foodgoals.

When you discover how cheap Chupa Chups are there.

Chupa Chups

When you discover the spicy seafood perfection that is Tom yum soup.

And… When you realize that Est Cola and Est Lemon-Lime are quite possibly two of THE best soft drinks in the world.

Thailand Food