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things to do in New York - image of girl looking at camera with empire state building in the background

Welcome to the Big Apple – the city that never sleeps and quite possibly one of the greatest cities on earth, do you agree? We thought so. We love New York and we also love lists. Put them together and you get these 20 things you should do in New York. You’re welcome.

Visit Manhattan city of course

Watch the sunset at least once. Make your way to The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn. There’s something for everyone!

things to do in New York - image of the New York skyline at sunset

Cruise on over to the Statue of Liberty

Say hello to the fine lady herself – one of the most iconic statues in America, if not the world.

Do a food walking tour

Pick up a bagel, eat an infamous New York pizza slice, a pretzel, and gorge down a classic hot dog that can be found ALL over the city.

A blonde woman enjoying a slice of pizza on a bustling city street in New York.

Spend your hard earned dollar

Shop till you drop on 5th Avenue and get lost in department store heaven – Bloomingdales, Barneys, and the mother of them all – Macy’s.

Watch a Broadway show

There are about 40 in New York, most located within the theatre district in Midtown Manhattan. Watch the infamous ‘Wicked’, or ‘Les Miserables’, and tick that off your list.

See some nature

Ride a bike through central park or you know, go for a walk. This park is approximately 778 hectares, so it might take you a while.

A picturesque path through a park with blooming trees, offering serene escapades amidst the vibrant city of New York.

Get on the ice

Ice skate at the Rockefeller Centre. It’s even more beautiful in winter. Plus, that scene from Home Alone 2. ‘Nuff said.

things to do in New York - image of ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre

Get an Empire State of Mind

Visit the Empire State Building and marvel at the famous New York skylines. Seriously…..check out that skyline.

things to do in New York - image of New York skyline

Go all Carrie Bradshaw

Go on a Sex and the City Tour

Grand central terminal baby

If it’s good enough for the opening credits of Gossip Girl, it’s good enough for us.

things to do in New York - image of a busy Grand Central station

Go to the beating heart of the city

Head to Times Square yo.


Visit the 9/11 Memorial and pay your respects.

Experience the world famous NY burger

We love Burger & Barrel on 25 West Houston Street

Helicopter around Manhattan

it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Be amazed at some of the crazy shiz on display.

Discover some cool urban street art

East Village and Williamsburg both have some pretty impressive murials.

things to do in New York - image of street art in New York

Watch a baseball game at the Yankee stadium in The Bronx.

Up the Mets!

Go to Coney Island

New York’s famous amusement district.

Watch the ball drop in Times Square

If you’re gonna go big on New Year, go big New York style.