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2010 vs 2020: how have travel trends changed in the past decade?

2020 vs 2010

The 2010s are officially coming to a close and we are otw into a new decade. Scary right? It seems like just yesterday that Instagram was only just debuting, Inception was the must-see movie and Lady Gaga shocked us all with that meat dress.

But let’s focus on how travel – how we do it and where we go to – has changed through the years. To celebrate the end of an era, we’re wrapping up the decade with a look back at the travel trends that have evolved the most…

1. In-flight tech

Inflight tech gif

At the start of the decade, some flights had overhead aisle screens playing ONE feature movie, while others had in-seat entertainment you could buy… Fast forward to today and there’s an insane amount of choice when it comes to in-flight tech. Almost every flight now offers free entertainment with touch-screen personal TVs loaded with the latest movies, music and TV shows.

Other tech luxuries to pop up in the past decade include complimentary headphones, USB plug-ins, in-flight wifi and individual charger portals. It’s official, we’re now obsessed with digital connection and there isn’t really such thing as down time – even when we’re soaring at thousands of feet.

2. Luggage


GONE are the days of pulling suitcases with two wheels. Let us upgrade you to 2020 – when suitcases will have legs and walk beside you. JK. But we are almost there. Our four-wheeler, move-in-any direction suitcases are seriously improved from our old two-wheeler friends, that would lose wheels mid-roll running through the airport. Or worse, in the cobblestoned streets of Rome.

Plus, new tech is allowing us to track our suitcases if they’re ever lost via GPS, charge our phones and laptops using our luggage and stay more secure with Bluetooth-enabled locks. This is the future.

3. Getting around

segway fail

Hailing a taxis is SO 2010 because now: ‘there’s an app for that’. The last decade brought us popular ride-sharing apps like Uber, Bolt and Lyft that have taken over across the world as an easy, reliable and affordable way to get around. Ride-sharing apps have forever revolutionized traveling, plus we’ve seen a new wave of electric scooters, bikes and Segways to help us zip around cities, and double our sightseeing miles!

4. $$$

money gif

Have the 2010s been the death of carrying cash? Maybe! When it comes to travel, physically going to exchange and pick up local currency is a thing of the past. With debit card usage on the rise and start-up companies like Revolut and Monzo, people are carrying less and less physical money and that means many places around the world accept international cards. Contactless, chip, swipe. BUT don’t quote us, it’s always a good idea to have a little cash when traveling. It can also help with budgeting for your travels, too.

5. Where to stay

igloo northern lights

Not only has the way we travel changed, but the places we stay are also drastically different. People are wanting to ditch the tourist traps, get off the beaten path and travel the local way. In 2010, large hotel chains were pretty much the only option for a comfy place to sleep. Now, the options are seriously endless. More and more of us are seeking out unique accommodations and special stays – you know, like a 16th-century chateau in France or a floating raft hotel in Thailand. Not all change is bad.

6. Documenting our travels

Kim Kardashian gif

Pics or it didn’t happen right? In 2010, Instagram was just debuting as a social media app – and for iPhones only. Point and shoot cameras and low-quality smartphone photos were the norm. Remember the days of uploading mass amounts of pics to an album on FB? Well, those days are long gone. Now, traveling and photos are synonymous, and we’re now a bit better at editing ourselves along the way! High-quality phone cameras, user-friendly DSLRs, and the slew of photo editing apps now available have turned everyone into part-time photographers. No shame, we’re all about the Instagrammable pics.

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