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The 2016 travel resolutions you should definitely stick to

Image of Gili trawangan sunset

As we say good-bye to 2015 and all of its white-and-gold dress debates and Hotline Bling gifs (actually, we’ll never say good-bye to those), we say hello to a brand new year with nothing but endless possibilities. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to make some New Year’s resolutions that we’ll really stick to, and they ALL involve a heavy dose of wanderlust, an empty suitcase waiting to be filled and the dream of taking off on the trip of a lifetime. So how about it – are you in? Make your own list or take a cue from our travel resolutions for 2016…


Don’t wait for your friends, if you wanna travel, TRAVEL

Try new things

Get out of your comfort zone

Make new friends

Try new foods

Let your guard down

Walk more

Treat yourself

Make every second count

Don’t over pack

Be a social butterfly

Don’t lose anything

Face your fears

Take care of yourself

Laugh til your stomach hurts

Focus on the good

Learn from your mistakes

Celebrate being young

Experience different cultures

Be present and cherish every moment

Start a travel jar for your change

Tread lightly

Take some time for yourself

Start your bucket list

Start checking things off of your bucket list

Give back

Indulge yourself and eat allll of the good stuff

Learn new things everyday

Dance for hours

Document it all with journals, videos or photos

Travel with #NOREGRETS

Travel with #NOREGRETS

What are your New Years resolutions for 2016?