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I’m changing up the game for 2018 resolutions. Try it with me?

Two women in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background, capturing their 2018 resolutions.

As 2018 approaches, those oh so unachievable resolutions creep back into our minds – go to the gym 4 times a week, cut out chocolate, dry January…

Instead of making unrealistic resolutions which inevitably fail in the first few weeks (gin Jan more like it!), why not make resolutions which are actually achievable? And most importantly, resolutions which will make for a happier you.

So for 2018, I’m giving myself 10 ‘wellbeing resolutions’ which don’t involve body hate, beating myself up if I don’t make it to the gym, or denying myself my one true love (a G&T). Because life is tough enough without giving ourselves the added pressure of perfection…

A group of active people walking in a field.

Put things into perspective

Ever wind yourself up over the smallest things? I do. Be it a delayed train, getting caught in the rain or leaving my favourite jumper at my friend’s house, these tiny things can often completely change my mind yet from yaaaaaaaaay to nay, just like that. Which is pretty ridiculous really, so 2018 is all about putting things into perspective. Taking a moment to step back and take the positives from a situation, no matter how big or small it is.

Have a Positive Mental Attitude Always

And on that note, the power of PMA is something which can get you through the hardest of times. Having gone through some pretty tough times this year, I’ve learnt that being positive not only helps your own mental state, it’s crazy infectious to the people around you too. The good energy and strength that comes from being positive is pretty damn incredible, and for that reason it’s a mind-set I’m determined to bring into the new year.


Learn how to cook like a queen  

Eating healthy is one thing but cooking healthy is another. So, for both my body and bank balance, 2018 is going to be the year of learning how to make homemade healthy meals. Bulk yummy lunches to replace the daily Starbucks run, learning how to make ingredients versatile and healthy baking … because oat cookies are tasty AF. My inner Nigella is being unleashed!

A woman in a bikini standing on a stairway to the water, capturing the essence of beach vacations and 2018 resolutions.

Exercise in the AM

So, exercise had to sneak in here somewhere, after all for me it’s a great way to release stress and really does affect my mind set and energy levels. But instead of exercising after work when all I really want to do is go home and lay diagonally binging on Netflix, 2018 will introduce the morning workout. Not only do morning workouts mean you get it over and done with first thing, you also burn more fat when you exercise before having your first meal and you boost your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories throughout the day. Oh, and let’s not forget those happy endorphins – All round winning!


Trust and open up to people I care about

Being a ‘cold hearted, closed book’ can have its pros but it also has its cons, especially when it comes to opening up to the people who have your best interests at heart. And to those people, I’m learning that trusting and opening up isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it can eliminate a lot of issues, mainly building up things in your head. So, let’s bring those walls down one step at a time…

Remember, the haters gonna hate

Just as getting to the ripe age of 26 is teaching me to trust in some, it’s also taught me to not waste my time trying to maintain relationships with those who don’t have my best interests at heart. This can be hard to deal with when your expectations or the way you treat people isn’t reciprocated, but at the end of the day haters gonna hate. So, surround yourself with people who love you for you. These are the people who will keep you in a happy, positive space.

A group of friends on a boat at sunset, reflecting on their 2018 resolutions.

Make my life as easy as possible

An easier life is a happy life, right? So, after spending the last year communing 3 hours plus a day (no joke), being in a constant state of tiredness and being pulled in about 100 directions I’ve decided enough is enough. Step 1 of making my life easier is moving to reduce my commute by 2 hours a day. Step 2 TBC…

Rekindle my hobbies

Less time commuting means more time to do me. And when it comes to hobbies, for me it’s all about painting. Maybe the most therapeutic activity, yet I haven’t painted in about 5 years. Real life can get a little overwhelming and it’s easy to forget about doing the things that make you happy, or pushing them to the back of your mind because who has time for that? Well make time. If there is a hobby which makes you happier or takes you away from ‘real world worries’ then it absolutely deserves your time.

Be Fearless

The more I learn not to give a sh*t, the better I get at the things I don’t give a sh*t about. I mean obviously I do care, but I’m learning that stress, overthinking things and caring about what people think won’t get you anywhere. So, 2018 is about being fearless and just doing what feels right.

Travel as much as possible

This one doesn’t sound too strenuous but it can be tricky to find time to travel, especially when you’re tied down with a full-on job and even the thought of taking holiday time riddles you with guilt. My advice to you and I is just do it. Not only will it make you feel a million times better (and happier), it will re-energise you, give you a new zest for life, make you remember what life is actually all about and you’ll come back refreshed, more productive and most likely a whole lot better at your job. Mini-breaks here I come!

A woman is standing on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, reflecting on her 2018 resolutions.