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30 random acts of kindness to celebrate World Kindness Day

A group of people performing random acts of kindness on a bus.

Being a Grinch is overrated.

Being kind is easy.

And because everyone can be a little kinder, here’s 30 easy ways to do so on World Kindness Day and every day:

1. Make eye contact

If you’re talking to someone, put the phone down. If you’re walking, it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge other people’s existence every once in a while either.

2. And smile

Because no one wants to be scowled at.

3. Pay it forward

Buy the next coffee in line and give ‘em a little treat.

4. Buy a gift, just because

A tasty looking bag of chips, or a little bouquet of flowers – they both surprisingly go a long way.

5. Make dinner

If you don’t do it usually, treat your household chef for once.


6. Say hi

To someone you know but don’t know well.

7. Donate blood

Because people are in need of it every day

8. Reply yes and show up

Even if you don’t really feel like it, support a friend and make an appearance.

9. Hold the door

For anybody, it’s always appreciated.

10. Give away your leftovers

To roommates, siblings, friends, the homeless – One person’s scraps could be another person’s lunch for tomorrow.

A random act of kindness with a plate of donuts and fruit on a table.

11. Tip well

If your service was good and you can afford it, up that tip by a few percent.

12. Donate some clothes

No use in them sitting in your closet unworn for a year.

13. Take an order

Going to get a coffee? Ask your classmate/ co-worker if they want something too.

14. Give a compliment

Make someone’s day!

15. Learn something

Because ignorance doesn’t help anyone.


16. Recycle

Or just throw your trash in the trash.

17. Volunteer

Your time, services, supplies, resources, whatever you can spare.

18. Give up your seat

To anyone really, just to be nice.

19. Call your parents/ grandparents

We bet they’d love to hear from you today.

20. Clean up after yourself

Yes, people get paid to do that, but you can make their job easier by cleaning up your crumbs too.

A group of people performing random acts of kindness on a train.

21. Leave an anonymous note

Because everyone loves a surprise.

22. Donate food

Because those cans of tuna in your pantry aren’t gonna eat themselves.

23. Give thanks

Because it’s polite.

24. Share your coupons

If you won’t use them, trust us someone else will.

25. Listen

Sometimes that’s all people need.

A random wall covered in colorful post it notes.

26. Share your snack

Because we all have those days when we forget ours.

27. Donate money

To a person, charity, organization, or whatever you like.

28. Let someone else go first

If you’re not in a rush, they might be.

29. Forgive

Because life is too short.

30. Apologize

Because no one is perfect.

Donate money