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5 people who will inspire you to travel solo

travel solo

Maybe your friends would rather stay home. Maybe you’re looking for some guidance and self-discovery. Maybe you just need some well deserved me-time. Or maybe you’re just ready for an adventure and eager to learn more about this big beautiful world we live in.

Regardless, if you wanna get out there an explore the world, you should, and nothing and no one should stop you. The thought of travelling alone can be pretty intimidating, but don’t underestimate yourself. It’s been done before, and it’ll be done a million more times in the future.

If you’re looking for that extra push and some travel inspiration, look no further than these 5 bad-ass examples who think solo is a great way to go:

Take a photo in Rome

Jessica Stein – @tuulavintage

If Instagram is your main source for travel inspiration and you’re not following @tuulavintage yet, you should be. She makes going solo look SO friggin cool. She’s been practically everywhere, yet she’s always finding somewhere new to explore and makes us envious with every post.

Her photos are breathtaking and seeing her standing solo and confident in the world’s most beautiful settings always has us taking notes for our future adventure goals.

Elizabeth Gilbert – author of Eat, Pray, Love

Elizabeth’s bad-ass trip around the world and the memoir that followed has inspired a lot of people in general to travel the world and do it alone. Sometimes you need to pause your life and just focus on yourself and being happy, and that’s exactly what we learned from Eat Pray Love.

Julia Roberts did a good job of inspiring us in the film version as well, but the original literary version is an emotional travel roller-coaster that became an instant classic and great motivation for the wanderluster in us all.

Eat Pray Love

Louis Cole – @funforlouis

Louis is pretty much the king of daily vlogs, and during his everyday life he’s not just making eggs or hanging with his dogs, he is literally exploring the hell out of the world and having the most epic adventures imaginable.

He’s so easy going and so open to new experiences that he makes even the most nerve-wracking experiences look like a walk in the park, and he has SO MUCH FUN. Before Louis we would have never even have considered some of the crazy things he’s done, but every time we see him our to-do list gets a bit longer. He goes everywhere, he does everything, and all we want is to grab a bag and go with him.


Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Self-care is a pretty important component of a healthy lifestyle, and Cheryl took matters into her own hands when she decided to combat her depression and drug use with a long hike. To be a bit more specific, she spent 94 days walking from California to Washington with no hiking experience, and despite a few meltdowns she succeeded and owned it.

While hiking wouldn’t necessarily be our first choice in terms of transportation methods, we are totally onboard with the notion of dropping everything, embracing self-discovery and trying something a little crazy and new. Props to Reese Witherspoon for the fab job she did serving up major travel inspiration in the film adaptation as well.


Alex – The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

One man, a motorcycle and a selfie stick. Alex Chacón left his life behind and decided to travel the world and document it all with photos, videos and blog posts. His 360 degree selfies are legendary, and he paints such an inspiring visual that his filming style has inspired travellers everywhere. Who knew that a selfie stick could make us feel this way?

With over 40 countries under his belt and a real talent for visual production, we can’t wait to see where he goes next.