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5 travellers share their top reasons for solo travel

A woman is solo travelling on top of a hill overlooking the ocean.

Solo travel may be on the rise, and yet so many people are still hesitant to take the plunge – and understandably so. Solo travel isn’t easy, but it can show you a side to yourself that you never knew existed.

These 5 past solo travellers share their reasons for why solo travel should be on your bucket list….

#1: You decide your happiness

“Travelling solo leaves you completely in control of your own happiness. I’m going to say it, travelling solo is therapeutic. Little compares to the freedom of being completely in charge of your own time. From spending hours in museums and galleries to taking a well-earned break in that cute coffee shop in between all that walking, everything is in your own hands. Not only do you learn about the world, but also your place within it.”

Amelia Swain, 19, Australia

Amelia Swain solo

#2: You make memories specific to you

“Travelling with friends or with a partner is undeniably an extraordinary adventure, but the memories of a fantastic adventure can sour if, by some chance, you fall out with those friends or break up with your partner. And while no great adventure should ever come with regret, the photos and the memories may become somewhat hard to look back on.

When you travel alone, the memories you make, the photos you take and the places you go are 100% yours to own. You will never look back and be sad because someone is no longer a pleasant part of your life, or your friends have drifted away. Nope – you will forever hold those precious memories, and they will never ever be spoiled by unprecedented changes in our lives.”

Bec Jenkins, 23, United Kingdom

bec on rock

#3: You come back a better version of yourself

“Our homes will always be the same, but travelling changes us for the better. You begin to recognize the things you deal with everyday like brushing your teeth and taking the elevator to your apartment are actually blessings. Not only will you be more appreciative and thankful for the life you have, you’ll also have a new sense of wonder and empathy for other cultures and countries. Soak in the language, the lifestyle and what people in foreign countries value, you’ll realize it’s different everywhere in the world and it will undoubtedly make you evaluate your own values. We see what the world has to offer and it’s the most liberating emotion in life.”

Hailey Luciani, 18, Canada 

Hailey Luciani cliff

#4: You will experience true freedom

“There is nothing like the feeling of ultimate freedom that solo travel gives you. No one is depending on you. If you aren’t getting along with the people you are with, you have the freedom to leave. Without societal commitments to tie you down, without others’ opinions to weigh, you get to experience freedom in its utmost sense. There is nothing tying you down, no one tugging at your sleeve pulling you in one direction or another. You are free to discover what you truly want. You can discover who you truly are. You are left to play freely with your own thoughts. You aren’t supposed to be anyone, so you can be whoever you like.”

Danny McGee, 20, United States

Danny cliffside

#5: You’ll learn to rely on yourself

“When your family is on the other side of the world and even a phone call has to be scheduled because of the time difference, you learn to make decisions on your own, figure out how to do stuff, and get to places by yourself. You really do become independent and self-sufficient! There’s no one to help you carry your bags, or buy you lunch, and without the safety net of your parents or best friends you gain some really super life experience and grow up that bit more.”

Ruby Di Salvo, 23, Australia

Ruby solo canada

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