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6 Netflix Original Travel Series we need to see created


If you’re anything like us, Netflix original series content has become the TV binging material we never knew we needed, and now couldn’t live without. Don’t get us wrong, we love our prison series and political dramas, but these fictional travel shows are all the bulk watching material our wanderlust wants and needs. We expect full creator credits once these are actualized…

Inca Trail Trials and Tribulations

Sort of like a combination of Survivor and American Ninja Warrior. We would love to see different people take on the Inca Trail in various states of preparedness and physical shape, in all elements. There could be little contests/ challenges along the way, Amazing Race style, but really we just wanna see awesome footage of the Inca Trail kicking some reality show butt.

Inca Trail

San Antonio Shore: Ibiza Unplugged

We’ve seen Jersey Shore, and even Geordie Shore, but there isn’t much that compares to the natural beauty and constant shenanigans found in Ibiza. We would absolutely watch a reality show centred around the crazy visitors to our favourite Spanish party isle.


Festivals are the new Black

A docu-series covering the best of the best festivals around the world – from Sziget to the Full Moon Party to Tomatina – we wanna see it all. The good, the bad, the dirty and the legendary.

A crowd of people at a music festival, capturing the vibrant energy of a Netflix original series.

Moulin Rouge-d

A fictional drama centred around the fabulous dancers at the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. A combination of their origin stories à la OITNB, and all of the romance, production value and crime that we loved in the guilty pleasure film version Moulin Rouge, with Real Housewives-level drama.

Moulin Rouge

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pastries

Jennifer Lawrence, Mindy Kaling, Aubrey Plaza and Rebel Wilson – 4 best friends travelling the world together, eating the best pastries and desserts in every country. Hilarious, delicious, wanderlusty and our squad goals all wrapped up in a perfect Netflix package.

Travelling Pastries

Oktoberfest Island

A dating show and competition for women and men who love beer and traditional German dress, all taking place in the paradise that is Oktoberfest. Chugging contests, pretzel making, singing in German, we want it all.