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6 Ways to Go From Airport Woes to Airport Pros

Airport woes - image of plane landing

Navigating the airport and waiting for your departure are probably some of the most stressful parts of travelling – especially if you’re travelling solo. There are a million “what ifs?” racing through your mind as you carry your luggage into the airport and check-in for your departure.

And really, who wants to waste time stressing at the airport, when that time should be spent doing last minute shopping, reading up on where to visit first or toasting the adventure to come with a glass (or 5) of Prosecco. So turn that airport frown upside down, with these super helpful travel tips…

Tip #1: Don’t be late

This seems like a no-brainer, but it can happen to the best of us.  Give yourself ample time to get to the airport, find your terminal, check-in, navigate the security line, and hop on your plane.  The rule of thumb for international flights is to arrive at least 3 hours in advance.  It might seem excessive, but if you’re traveling during peak travel time, then you’ll want to be able to have everything taken care of and be calm and relaxed before you board your flight – including one last trip to the restroom before the long haul.  There’s nothing worse than the feeling of stress and anxiety when you get to the airport.  This is the start of your vacation!  Make it smooth sailing right from the beginning.

Tip #2: Use TSA-approved luggage locks

There might be a small chance that your luggage gets opened for further inspection even after you have checked it for the airplane.  If you use a regular lock, it may be broken open and that’s not very fun.  Lock up your luggage with one that is considered “TSA-approved.” (indicated by a little red triangle on the lock).  This allows the security department to open your luggage and close it with your lock unscathed.

Tip #3: Know the 3-1-1 Laws for Liquids

What does 3-1-1 stand for?  It means you can only take:  3-ounce (or smaller) containers for your gels and liquids, placed in a clear 1-quart bag, and you’re only allowed 1 bag per person, placed neatly in the security bin.  Keep this bag of liquids in an easy to access part of your carry-on (such as the front pocket of your luggage, right inside your purse, or the front of your backpack).  Once you hit the security line, you won’t start fumbling andunzipping your bags just to find your liquids case.  Check out the icon below or visit the TSA website for more information for 3-1-1.

Tip #4: Navigate the security line with ease

When you first enter the security line, make sure to take out your boarding pass (download it onto your iPhone passbook/Google wallet for super easy access) and identification (i.e. passport, driver’s license, etc.).  Also take off your jacket while you’re waiting, and make sure to locate your 1-quart bag of liquids.  Once you pass the TSA official, you don’t need your boarding pass or ID for the security check, so tuck those away in your carry-on where you stored your liquids bag; pull your liquids bag out and you’re ready to get through security with less fumble.  Or you could sign up for TSA PreCheck and this whole thing could be a breeze!

Tip #5: Make your flying attire security line-friendly

Too often do we find ourselves standing in line behind the person wearing lace-up boots who have change in their pockets and don’t realize at the last minute that they need to a.) take off their shoes  b.)  remove their jacket  c.) take out their liquids and their laptops. A few suggestions for security line friendly attire include:

Note to those of you with Global Entry or TSA PreCheck – you don’t have to take off your shoes or laptop from your carry-on.  An easy way to travel!