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These are the 7 best cities to live in if you’re single

A woman whispering in the ear of her laughing friend under a neon bar sign

Are your single years the best of your life? Is that even a question? No responsibilities, no socks on the floor, no boring arguments over what to have for dinner. Sure relationships are awesome and all, but being single is all about one thing – having FUN. These are the glory days, so live them out in a place where single life is THE life…

San Francisco, USA

Being in sunny California is enough to make anyone want to fall in love, but San Francisco in specifically is THE place to date. There are tons of single people, and so many bars to hang out in that it makes it hard not to meet people in the city. And if the bar scene isn’t your thing, online dating is also huge.

People flock to live in San Fran from all over, so chances are you’ll meet others who are looking to meet new people too. The only down side is that while many single people move to San Fran, they usually don’t stay there for long, so short term romances are common.

Splashing at the water's edge with Golden Gate Bridge in background

Montreal, Canada

The low drinking age in Quebec (18) is definitely a huge draw for young singles who are looking to have a good time, but Montreal also has that French-inspired energy that inspires nothing but sparks. It has great places to party, and is a great place for people who are into Tinder and the bar scene.

People in Montreal tend to be pretty approachable, and in the fall/ winter (Cuffing Season) all of that snow inspires a lot of exclusivity in terms of romance.


London, UK

The city of proper ‘pubs’ brings not only locals but flocks of ex-pats and tourists together in a warm and welcoming environment perfect for singles.

The ex-pat variety in London also happens to be one of the most diverse out there, as young people flock from Australia, North America, Asia and all over Europe to spend their young years in London. If you’re young, single and solo, chances are you won’t have to look far to find a bunch of people just like you in London.

Local bars are also a great place for more timid daters, since the cutie with the cider you saw the first night is more likely to come back routinely until you gather the courage to actually ask them out. Plus, even if you do strike out with cider girl, there are SO many more people in the city to choose from. Options are a good thing.

Couple sitting on steps in front of London house

Hong Kong

It may seem intimidating with its huge population, but if you know where to hang out, Hong Kong is the ideal place to be single in Asia. There are two main bar areas in the city which are some of the best single hotspots in the world, and the bars don’t close, so you are free to mingle during your own personal prime time.

The pub crawls and ladies nights are epic, and the international student and ex-pat communities are huge and full of fellow singles who are just as eager and adventurous as you are. Plus, the great weather and beaches make for warm evenings and good times all year round.

Hong Kong

Nashville, USA

If you’ve heard that Nashville is the new Las Vegas, you’ve also probably heard about the epic night life. The truth is, Nashville does nightlife even better than Vegas if you’re looking to actually meet people and not just dance the night away with them. The bar scene in Nashville is fantastic, with the best live music you can get and enough boozy cocktails to make breaking the ice even easier.

There is something like 100 people moving to Nashville every day, and a city full of young, talented and adventurous people is never a bad thing. And if you’re looking to stay single and just have fun, the influx of bachelor/ bachelorette parties that are invading the city will provide more than enough options to keep things interesting.

Two women standing on a balcony in one of the best cities to live in if you're single.

Barcelona, Spain

Chatting over tapas is one of, if not the best dates ever, and doing it in a Spanish city packed with young artsy singles is even better. Barcelona is becoming one of the top cities to visit in Europe, and its friendly vibe makes it easy to meet people the old fashioned way – face to face.

Finding love in clubs and bars is still very common for young people in Barcelona, and the cheap drinks and tapas make the bars a great place to hang out at any time of day. Meeting people through friends is also very popular in Barcelona, and with more young ex-pats arriving all the time, people are dating for longer and getting married later.


New York City, USA

Being single in New York is pretty darn easy, but staying single is even easier. The dating scene in NYC is known for being competitive, but with so many fun bars and restaurants to choose from and such a multicultural variety to choose from in this giant city, the numbers are definitely in your favour.

Going for drinks is a way of life in Manhattan, and the infamously small apartments and walkability of the city makes it a great place to blend in and do your thing solo.

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