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That Exist in America That Aussies Just Don’t Understand


We have some questions for you America…

Why is your cheese so yellow?

We all have a few guilty pleasures in life. One of those deliciously sinful pleasures is cheese. But what we can’t quite understand is American cheese. Why is it so yellow? Why is it on every damn meal and household AND who in God’s name eats Aerosol cheese?


weird things that exist in america - Image of yellow cheese in America

And why is your currency so weird?

Why are all your notes exactly the same size?

Why are all your notes practically the same colour?

Why do pennies exist?

A one cent coin? Really?


weird things that exist in america - Image of American money

What’s the tipping system all about y’all?

Is there a guidebook out there on how to tip in America? Anybody? For those of you who have never been, tipping, for most American’s is a normal way of life given the low minimum wage for many workers.

Tipping isn’t optional, it’s common etiquette. The appropriate amount is usually 10 – 15% on top of your total sum, pending service, of course.

OUR TIP? Stock up on $1 bills, it will make your life a lot easier in the long run!

Why can’t tax automatically be included in your prices?

PLS, it will help those who aren’t so good at Math…

And why is it so hard to get around?

When you think of public transport you generally think of a bus or a train right? But not in the USA, a country that’s one-half the size of Russia with 50 states! It’s crazy that public transportation in America is so poor considering it’s one of the largest countries in the world with a population amassing over 318 million!


So, if you don’t own a car or of a legal age to hire one, you’re pretty much screwed. And unless you have a wafty stack of cash in your bank account to catch Ubers left, right and centre OR book flights everywhere – then you’re literally screwed!

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weird things that exist in america - Image of traffic in America

Why are your meals SO BIG?

The portion sizes. Why are they so damn big? Take Hash House A Go Go, one of America’s most popular food chains as one of our examples. The fried chicken and waffles are a must if food coma’s and naps are your thang.

weird things that exist in america - Image of Hash House A Go Go meal in Vegas

Free. Soft drink. Refills. Everywhere.

Restaurants, fast-food joints, food-courts and highway stop offs. Point being, free soft drink refills are pretty much a BIG DEAL in America.

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Why have you named a city “Intercourse?”

Erhhh, pretty sure Intercourse is short for some sort of love making business, but you know – whatever!

weird things that exist in america - Image of city in America

Why are there so many flags everywhere?

Literally. EVERYWHERE.

Why do your toilets have gaps this big??

What if we don’t want to make eye contact while we’re doing our business?

Please explain.

Toilet doors in America