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8 hacks to help beat your post travel blues

A woman is standing in front of a post-travel blue house.

Travel is one of THE most incredible experiences – meeting new people, exploring unseen countries, undergoing unimaginable adventures and that feeling of complete freedom. Nothing quite compares.

The down side? Those inescapable post travel blues. Be it a 1 week holiday or an entire year globetrotting around the world, the post travel blues are unavoidable. And when they hit you, boy do they hit hard.

Despite the inevitability of these incurable symptoms, there are some handy hacks to help you ease the pain of that horrible empty feeling. So if you’ve got a killer trip on the horizon or you’re in the midst of fulfilling some serious travel goals, this one’s for you…

Let yourself be sad (for a while)

Don’t beat yourself up about feeling utterly shit when you thump back down to reality. Wear black, cry if you want to cry, revisit your travel Facebook albums again and again, throw it back on the gram and reminisce with your travelling pals. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions, it’s a whole lot better then trying to ignore them. But be sad, then deal with it. Get yourself together and get on with your life. You’ve made some unforgettable memories and learnt heaps about yourself – no need to mourn forever.

Emotionally prepare yourself

Heard the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? Same goes for the travel blues. Give yourself a little pep talk and don’t forget what you’re going home to. Family, friends, animals, home comforts, Netflix binges … whatever it is, it’s not all bad!

A couple experiencing post travel blues while walking on a dock near the ocean.

Plan something else to look forward to

One sure way to get over those travel blues is to start planning your next adventure. Just don’t get too carried away, set yourself some attainable goals. Maybe a weekend away, a road trip with your girlfriends or even a big night out to reunite with your home crew. It always helps when there’s something else in the pipeline.

And maybe even make some bigger plans…

Or maybe do get carried away… If you’re fortunate enough to be in the position of being able to start planning your next big trip, then why not? Start saving those pennies again and keep satisfying that wanderlust. Just know, once you’ve got the travel bug, it ain’t going anywhere. No amount of traveling can get rid of this one guys. The cycle of travel has begun.

A woman on a boat experiencing post-travel blues with her arms outstretched.

Cherish the good times

No doubt you’ve made some unforgettable memories, met some awesome people and learnt heaps about yourself and the world around you – don’t forget this. Just because the journeys over, it doesn’t mean it’s all behind you. Sure your tan may fade but know that the experiences and memories you gain from travelling will stay with you forever.

Three surfers at the beach with surfboards.

Let your experiences shape a better you

Maybe your travels have forced you to go outside your comfort zone, do something you never thought you could do, increased your confidence or helped you realise how great you really are. Take this into your everyday life in any way you can. That may mean starting a new hobby, interviewing for new jobs or facing an exciting challenge. Whatever it is, there’s no better way to learn about ourselves then through traveling!

Keep yourself busy

This may be starting to sound like a list of break up hacks but let’s be real, it kind of is. So just like when you do go through a break up, it’s always good to keep yourself occupied. After spending time constantly surrounded by people it’s never fun to all a sudden be alone. Be sure to fill your days up with anything that keeps you smiling.

Two women experiencing post travel blues sitting on a dock next to a pool.

Know that everything at home will be exactly the same

You’ve just had the trip of a lifetime and experienced something no amount of stories or pictures can explain. You may have only been away for a few weeks but it often feels like a whole lot longer. And then you come home and everything and everyone is completely the same. It can be a little deflating, like you’ve just done a complete 360 back to square one. But remember the reason you went away in the first place – to grow and experience a whole new side of life. And that’s exactly what you’ve done.