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A Storytellers diary Part 1 – Whitehaven Beach, by Jamie McDell

jamie mcdell - image of whitehaven beach

The 10-day Contiki and Surfrider Foundation’s Storytellers trip to Australia started with a reminder of what we’re all here to protect – the ocean…

On day one we set sail into the Whitsundays, one of Australia’s most beautiful locations; crystal blue water, an abundance of marine life and plenty of opportunity to indulge in various water activities. Each Contiki storyteller had their own connection with the ocean – some surfers, others have been lucky to grow up near the sea and some who strive for adventure knowing that the ocean is the place to find it.

My story, briefly, is that I grew up sailing. I lived on a boat at a young age and learnt very quickly to appreciate the simple and natural things in life. My love for the ocean has been passed down through generations of sailors and I’ve expanded that passion into surfing, diving, lifeguarding and my way of truly speaking; music.

We had the most magical night sleeping outside on deck at the Whitsundays. Not only were the stars out but to our delight the dolphins were too. I’ve never seen them so friendly, playing and splashing around the boat all night. We had got off to a great start, we saw the obvious reasons to protect our environment: it’s beauty and the joy it brings us.

Jamie McDell is a singer, songwriter and YouTuber from New Zealand. Jamie was one of nine Contiki Storytellers who travelled to the East Coast of Australia in late 2015 to see first hand the impact plastic pollution is having on our ocean, and the marine life who call it home. Watch the full documentary below…