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25 signs you’re addicted to travelling

Girl standing ancient ruins

If you can say yes to at least 15 of these, you’re simply addicted to travel around the world. What’s more, your condition is probably incurable. Sorry, but you’re one of us now…

You have a framed map or a decorative globe in your home.

Map in Room

You watch movies and shows just to check out the amazing countries they are filmed in.

You start planning your next vacation while travelling.

Your computer screen saver is always a wanderlusty travel image.

Computer screen travel addiction

You choose to watch travel shows (like the GOAT Anthony Bourdain) instead of your old favourites.

International foods are a source of excitement, not apprehension.

Asian food travel addiction

When you get a raise, your first thought is “I can go on an extra trip this year!”.

Same thing applies to your income tax returns. It’s just bonus travel money and nothing more.

Your passport is ratty, bent and full of stamps, but it’s one of your most prized possessions and you carry it like a badge of honour.

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You have a whole bunch of random coins from random countries that you have no clue what to do with, but you can’t bring yourself to throw them away.

You’ve got trips bookmarked on your computer or phone at all times.

Feeling homesick isn’t something you’re very familiar with… like at all.

Australia travel addiction

You start to seriously window shop and lust over fancy new suitcases.

You never fully unpack – there’s always a toiletry kit and a bag close at hand just waiting for you to fill with clothes.

Luggage at the ready

You’ve become so savvy to the travel-sized game that you’ve invented your own hacks and containers to store toiletries in.

You have a packing checklist saved in the notes on your phone at all times.

If you haven’t done it already, you’ve toyed with the idea of a travel-inspired tattoo.

Travel tattoo travel addiction

Taking a sick day is out of the question, your sick days are just extra vacation days that you use every year.

Being asked the question “where do you wanna go next?” can never be answered in one sentence. You’ve got a whole list of places you wanna go, and a constant inner debate about where you’ll go next.

You have strong opinions on packing cubes, folding vs. rolling, and hard shell vs. soft shell suitcases.

Suitcases travel addiction

Your brain is filled with random words in other languages that don’t really help you outside of your travels.

You can get through airport security with your eyes closed and in record time because of your extensive experience.

Airport signs

You have a travel goal to achieve before your next milestone birthday.


If you’re posting something other than travel photos on Instagram, you wonder if it’s even worthwhile.

Instagram travel photo of phone

And finally… You read travel articles like this one on the regular!

How many of these apply to you? Leave your results in the comments!