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These incredible aerial images turn the everyday into works of art

Aerial images of a colorful landscape.

Ever wish you could fly? Well, thanks to these spectacular aerial images, you’re about to feel a whole lot more jealous of our winged bird friends…

Terraced Rice Fields in Yunnan, China


Lake in Eastern Pomerania, Poland


Paris spanning out from the Arc de Triomphe


A busy swimming pool in China


‘Dinghies Clustered Around Dock’ by Alex MacLean, taken in Duxbury, Massachusetts

Aerial images of a group of boats parked on a dock.

Palm Island in Dubai

Aerial images of a palm tree island in the middle of the ocean.

‘Side-effects’ by Kacper kowalski, in Wladyslawowo , Poland


‘Side-effects’ by Kacper kowalski, Poland

Aerial image of a yellow and green river.

Taken in Windy Harbour, Western Australia


‘From where I drone’ by Dirk Dallas

Aerial view of road in desert.

‘shades of red’ by Alex MacLean, Netherlands

Shades of Red, Netherlands 2015

1,902 canoes breaking a world record on Fourth Lake, New York, taken by Nancie Battaglia

A large pile of colorful sticks captured in aerial images.

Burning Man festival, Nevada

An aerial view of the Burning Man

New York City, captured by Sergey Semonov


Mangrove trees in New Caledonia

new caledonia

Niagara falls

niagara falls