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Have you heard about the #backphototravel trend yet?

A woman is standing in front of the colossion. #travel

Are you the type of traveller who never misses a chance to snap a sight or grab a selfie? Or are you the sort who doesn’t want to be stuck behind a camera and not be present, so opts for no photos at all? Both have their pros and cons, which is why the rise of #backphototravel trend is so perfect for everyone. It’s really the best of both worlds…

Instagram user Mariia (@backphototravel) describes herself as “a curious redhead who can’t make herself look at the camera when the world is calling”, and she’s leading the charge in capturing travel memories without missing a thing. Mariia started using the hashtag #backphototravel to remind people (and herself) that it’s the feeling of being present that’s most important when travelling, not ticking a destination box with a quick snap.

She tells Bored Panda, “What’s more important: having a picture that simply confirms that you visited a special place? Or having one that reminds you of the feelings you had while looking at something incredible?”

It’s obvious which Mariia values more, and her incredible holiday shots capture stunning vistas with her facing away to breathe in and remember the moment. “Every time I see something captivating, I do want a pic that will remind me about this moment – but I prefer to turn my back to the camera and enjoy the view in front of me. And afterwards relive this feeling every time I look at the photo,” she explains.

We’ll be the first to admit that social media is pretty damn important to us, and maybe even more so when travelling because you want to show off the amazing things you’re seeing right? But maybe it has reached a point where we’re just ‘in it for the ‘Gram’ and don’t really sit in the moment? Mariia has found a compromise with the #backphototravel trend, showing we can still use our favourite apps and create something meaningful at the same time.

We’re definitely trying this next time the passport comes out to play! Let us know what you think of the trend below ?