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Balkan food: 10 must-eats

A plate of Balkan food consisting of mussels, bread, and wine on a table.

Having so many regional culinary influences at play makes mealtime decisions SO hard in the Balkans. Regardless of what you pick, wash it all down with some local beer and rakija, local style…


Sort of like a Greek spanakopita, the thin and flaky phyllo pastry of a burek is filled with your choice of meats, cheeses, fruits and veggies, then rolled and baked to perfection.



Whether it’s in soup or stew form, something magical happens when you combine that local Hungarian paprika with tender beef, veggies and potatoes. It’s the ultimate warm and comforting meal on a cool evening.



A common and delicious dish found all over the Balkans, these mini sausages are made of minced meats and are full of flavour.



The Balkan street food of champions, this flatbread variation in Hungary and Serbia is deep fried and topped with sweet or savoury options like cheese, meat, garlic butter, sugar and jam, and veggies.

A Balkan-style pizza with ham and cheese on a plate.


Raspberries are a big deal in Serbia, and they’re actually one of the biggest producers and exporters of raspberries in the world. Serbians take raspberry production very seriously, and they’re known as some of the best you can get.

Raspberries on a table.


The influences of the Ottoman Empire are the reason why we can enjoy authentic baklava in all of it’s sweet and sticky glory all around the Balkans.

Three pieces of Balkan baklava on a plate with a fork.


Amazing gelato can definitely be found outside of Italy. Case in point – Croatian gelato.

An ice cream cone with chocolate ice cream in front of a church.

Chicken Paprikash

That same infamous Hungarian paprika that made us fall in love with goulash worked it’s magic again on chicken, making it so moist and flavourful you’ll be left wondering why you put up with bland and boring chicken dishes for quite so long.

Chicken Paprikash


The Austrian influences on the region have made traditional and amazing strudels a staple in Balkan desserts, with apple being the most common.


Fish soup

Seafood soups and stews are especially popular near the coast, but you can find delicious versions everywhere with Croatian brodet, Hungarian halaszle and Serbian riblja čorba.

Fish soup