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How to: Beer hall like a boss in Germany


A visit to Germany isn’t complete without a visit to a beer hall, especially if you’re in Munich.

From smaller local spots to infamous empires like the Hofbrauhaus, a beer hall is SO much more than your standard pub – it’s a truly exceptional experience and uniquely German.

The moviesdon’t do it justice, so rather than stressing about what colour lederhosen you should purchase, remember these things instead:

Know your drinks

Contrary to what you might think, you won’t just be handed a miscellaneous beer and be told to drink up – you have choices, and they’re all fabulous. German beer is some of THE best beer in the world, and there’s something for everyone.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, the dark and original options are your best bet. Go for the regional or local special rather than a bigger brand.


If beer isn’t really your thing and you’re there more for the experience, opt for a weiss beer (a paler option) or a radler, which is beer mixed with lemonade. A radler may not impress the locals, but it’s pretty darn tasty and refreshing.

If you REALLY don’t like beer, there are other options as well – just be prepared to feel a little left out when everyone else is cheersing and marveling over their giant steins.

Order wisely

There are usually only two size options – a half or whole litre stein – and that’s A LOT of liquid. You’ve got a lot of drinking to before you decide to order something different for round 2, and no one likes a warm beer, so pick something good and get started.


It also won’t hurt to do some bicep work before your visit as well, as a full stein is pretty heavy. Even more reason to drink with haste!

Don’t get meat-fright

It may look a lil’ different, but trust us – the beer hall meals are SO good and SO worth it. If you’re overwhelmed by a giant pork knuckle to yourself, just think of it this way – you’re gonna be drinking by the litre and you’re gonna be here for a while, so sustenance is KEY.

Balance out the beer with a gigantic and tender slab of meat and some spätzle. Some wurst is a great idea too if you’re too intimidated to conquer the knuckle. That crispy skin and moist meat will have you salivating for a knuckle or two for weeks to come.

Pork knuckle

Learn the words

If you need a reminder to drink up, Ein Prosit is your answer. When the song is played everyone sings, has a hearty cheers and then it’s bottoms up. Depending on the beer hall this could happen every 10 or 20 minutes, or it would be a rare but magical occurrence.

The lyrics go as follows:

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit


Which translates to:

A toast, a toast

To cheer and good times

A toast, a toast

To cheer and good times


In between songs, don’t forget to cheers by saying “PROST“.

Get friendly

If you’re a fan of private booths it’s about time you embraced the beer hall spirit. Big long tables mean you scope out a spot like it’s lunch time in a mall food court, and you claim it ASAP.

Get friendly with your table-mates and cheers with them during Ein Prosit. Who knows, you may earn yourself a new friend, or even a complimentary stein or two.

New friends