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7 best Austrian foods to try

Cafe Sacher Vienna

Whether you want a mouthful of wiener schnitzel, or you’re salivating over the decadent apfelstrudel dessert, you definitely want these Austrian treats in your belly. With culinary influences from nearby Germany, Italy, and even Bohemia, these eats are essential Austrian foods to try – and your taste buds can thank us later.

1. Schnitzel

Austria’s most famous dish is the Wiener Schnitzel – a meat dish that is a very thin boneless cutlet traditionally made of veal, breaded with crumbs, and pan-fried.  The dish is often served with lemon and German potato salad or parsley potatoes and sometimes Lingonberry Jam – bringing a whole new level to your savory-sweet eating game. If you’re not a veal eater, you can often find restaurants that will serve the dish using beef, chicken, or pork.  Head to Vienna and get your schnitzel on!

Veal Schnitzel in Vienna

2. Sachertorte

Looking for some chocolate indulgence? Look no further than the Hotel Sacher, home to the often-imitated-never-duplicated velvety Sachertorte.  This chocolate cake boasts an apricot jam filling and is often served with a dollop of whipped cream and is considered one of the most famous desserts in all of Austria.


3. Apfelstrudel

Want a daydream in your mouth?  Then make sure to get your hands on Austrian apfelstrudel or apple streudel.  Made of a delicate puff pastry with an apple filling, the apfelstrudel is the go-to dessert for travelers with a sweet tooth that don’t necessarily want chocolate.  You’ll find different types of streudel throughout the city, but an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so don’t overlook the apfelstrudel on your culinary travels.


4. Frittatensuppe (Beef Broth with Pancake Strips)

We know what you’re thinking – why are strips of pancakes floating in my soup?  Yet the frittatensuppe is a staple in Austrian cuisine – almost every meal starts with a soup and this hearty soup of beef broth with delicate strips of pancakes that aren’t any stranger than noodles in your chicken noodle soup.

5. Kaiserschmarrn

Imagine stacks of Austrian pancakes shredded into a chaotic pile of sweet, fluffy bites – that’s what you’ll find in a dish of Kaiserchmarrn (translated to “emperor’s mish-mash”).  Named after Emperor (Kaiser) Franz Josef, this classic Austrian dish can be served as either a dessert (as it is served with a side of jam) or even as a main course.  Call it “breakfast for dinner”!

An Austrian breakfast delicacy - a plate of food with powdered sugar-dusted pastries and a jar of homemade jam.

6. Linzer Torte

Though not quite as decadent as the Sachertorte, the Linzer torte is considered one of the oldest cakes in the world – thus giving it a place on our must-try Austrian foods list.  This pastry is often duplicated to look like small tarts or cookies but in actuality, it usually consists of two layers of delicate, nut-flavored pastry with a fruit preserve filling. This is also a holiday classic dessert in Austria so be sure to add this to your foodie bucket list the next time you’re in the area.

Linzer torte

7. Austrian ‘Mokka’

You’ll need something to wash down all these Austrian delicacies, and if you’re a fiend for caffeine, grab a cup of Austrian mokka. Similar to an espresso, this coffee drink is strong and is served black, but do as the Austrians do and add a bit of sugar.

Mokka Austria coffee

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