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The Best Brunch Spots In Sydney

Two cups of coffee with palm trees on them in the best brunch spots in Sydney.

Missing breakfast sucks, but that’s why brunch was invented! If you’re spending a morning in Sydney and want to fuel up for the day ahead (or recharge from the night before) with some excellent food, look no further than this list of the best brunch spots in Sydney.

Meet Gerard

How expenny? $$

Must try: ‘Milk & Honey’: yoghurt panna cotta, seasonal fruits, honeyed puffed rice and house granola.

Brewtown Newtown

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Must try: Poached eggs on toast with homemade relish and hash browns on the side.

Dead Ringer

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Must try: The ocean trout tartare with celeriac remulade and brioche, alongside the bottomless mimosa package.

Devon Cafe

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Must try: Tropical Chia with almond milk, fresh dragonfruit, mandarin, passionfruit, strawberries

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen

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Must try: Menu varies daily but the scrambled eggs and pancakes are always great.

Left of Field

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Must try: Hotcakes with caramelised banana, earl grey custard & maple popcorn.

Reuben Hills

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Must try: Soft baked eggs with goats curd, kale, ranchero and rye.


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Must try: Toasted rye, avocado, lime, chilli and coriander.

Element Six

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Must try: Moroccan baked eggs.

Laneway Cafe

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Must try: Laneway baked eggs with field mushroom, chorizo, bacon, avocado and sourdough.

Ham Harry & Mario

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Must try: Mediterranean Nourish Bowl

The Pavillion

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Must try: Croissant french toast with berries, whipped ricotta, fairy floss, macadamia and maple syrup.

Platform Eighty Two

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Must try: You can’t not get the GIANT breakfast platter.

Next Door Cronulla

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Must try: Poached eggs with falafel, tabouli, eggplant, labneh, pita, olive and sumac.

Burnt Orange

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Must try: Slow cooked brisket with apricot and carrot puree. Poppadum and cashew crunch and a poached egg on sourdough.

Frank and Blanco

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Must try: Notorious P.I.G. Turkish roll with Mex-slaw, pulled pork, streaky bacon, fried eggs, guacamole and Sriracha aioli.

Have we missed any of your favourite brunch places around Sydney? Let us know in the comments!