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10 gelato flavours you need to try at least once


When we’re in Italy, we’re obviously on a mission to consume as much pizza and pasta as possible, but our REAL must-have is GELATO.

We’ve gotta have it at least once a day, every day, and we’ve gotta try all of the flavours. What’s so special about gelato, you ask? Well it’s the creamier, denser, less-fatty version of ice cream, and it’s friggin amazing.

Here are 10 of our favourite gelato flavours that you need to plan accordingly for during your next trip to Italy:



If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Italian espresso, don’t forget a scoop or two of coffee gelato. And don’t expect some wussy cappuccino either; this is the real deal with bold espresso flavour.


Strawberry isn’t our favourite ice cream flavour by any means, but the gelato version is REAL strawberry goodness without the artificial crap. Pink and perfect every time.


It’s super rich with a full and fabulous hazelnut flavour. We recommend pairing it with a cioccolato or crema scoop for extra noms.



There are no real pharmaceutical drugs involved, and it’s only available in select gelaterias, but it’s said to include a natural herb that has Viagra-like affects. Regardless, it’s worth a try for the experience if nothing else.


All of the nutty pistachio flavour and all of the amazing pistachio colour, usually with the addition of pistachio chunks worked in or on top. It may sound weird, but trust us, it’s pretty epic.


Just like a glass of lemonade, lemon gelato is super refreshing on those hot Italian summer days. It’s also pretty light and the perfect amount of tartness; no sour facial expressions required.



A creamy gelato base with all of the fun of big and crunchy chocolate bits in every bite. Pure tactile paradise.


Chocolate and hazelnut will be making babies in your mouth. It’s basically Nutella flavoured, so if you’ve ever felt ashamed about wanting to eat Nutella with a spoon, Bacio’s your girl.


You can never go wrong with chocolate anything. Dark, milk, just give us all of it.


One of the best Italian desserts in almost liquid form? Ab-so-friggen-lutely. It’s sugary, coffee-y, cocoa-y perfection every time.