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Here are the best Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

A Japanese kitkat bar on a yellow background.

Japan was the destination of my first ever solo adventure, and I was eager to discover everything this bright, colourful and quirky country could offer me. It wasn’t long before I heard about the strange popularity of KitKats over in the land of the rising sun.

‘KitKat’ has a very similar sound to the Japanese phrase ‘Kitto Katsu’ which translates into good luck or surely win, a large driving force behind its popularity. I began to hear about all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours such as strawberry, matcha green tea and fruit parfait.

So, inquisitive tastebuds at the ready, when I arrived in Japan I made it my mission to try every single flavour… Here are my top recommendations for Japanese Kit Kat flavors:

I was determined to try them all, but upon arrival realised I may have overestimated my ability. My Contiki Tour Manager informed me that there were over 300 different Kit Kat flavours available. Not to be dissuaded, I visited Tokyo’s KitKat chocolatery, checked all the convenience stores in the different cities and may have been dubbed ‘KitKat Crazy’. Alas, I failed in my mission to try the 300 different flavours of KitKats that Japan offer. But while I may not have tried every single one I certainly experienced some seriously unique flavours.

Here is my – slightly less than 300 strong – guide to Japan’s iconic KitKats:

Strawberry Cheesecake

For starters all the packaging is Kawaii AF. These Kit Kats are literally a work of art! As for the flavour – these seem a little more cheese than cake. This definitely wasn’t my favourite.

Hojicha roasted tea

If you’re a fellow tea lover then you must try this flavour. The milk chocolate of the KitKat is perfectly blended with the warmth of the roasted tea. This was one of my favourites.


Now I made the mistake of trying these after a night out and I can confirm this tastes exactly like the sake I was drinking the night prior. As soon as you open the packet you are hit with the distinct smell of alcohol. The Sake flavour compliments the richness of the KitKat and I would recommend bringing back a box of these from you travels.

Shinshu apple

Sweet and crisp like an apple with just a hint of dark chocolate, this KitKat fully lives up to its names sake. Packed full of flavour and downright delicious you’d be Krazy not to try these.


I randomly picked this flavour up at the KitKat chocolatory, I didn’t really know how to pronounce what I had just bought let alone what a Shikuwasa was but honestly after trying this, I’m not sure I want to. The taste was rather bitter and extremely sour, I really wouldn’t recommend this flavour to any of my fellow travellers.

Matcha green tea

Although my fellow travellers described this flavour to be like grass or they thought they were ‘eating a plant’ this flavour was everything! I’m a self-confessed matcha addict, and literally have these shipped to my home in England on a regular basis. If you’ve ever had a matcha latte before, I can confirm that a matcha KitKat tastes exactly like it.


Yup, this definitely tastes like butter! If you’ve ever had the misfortune to have bitten into a stick of butter, well, this KitKat tastes just like that.


I will say this now do not ever question the Japanese and their ability to create wonders with fruit. I thought I was eating a strawberry dipped in white chocolate instead of a KitKat, the taste, appearance (it’s bright pink) and scent is absolutely to die for!

Sakura Matcha

So, this little gem was my favourite flavour I tried of the entire trip. It was smooth, delicious and matcha was perfectly blended with sweetness of white chocolate with just a hint of a cherry aftertaste. Absolute heaven, 10/10!


Sweet, fresh and delightful. These flavoured KitKats are like a tantalizing taste explosion on your tongue. A splendid fusion of what chocolate a raspberry awaits you, as soon as you’ve ripped open the packaging.


Sharp, cool but also refreshing, this one kind of tastes like a glass of homemade lemonade. It is packed full of a citrus has a zingy kick to it and is simply wonderful.

Okinawan purple sweet potato

Yes, you read that right. Purple sweet potato. I saved the most unusual flavour for last. Much to my surprise this flavour is extremely popular in Japanese desserts. Upon trying this brightly coloured treat I didn’t know whether to be intrigued or disgusted by this flavour. I mean I have never tasted anything like it. My tongue certainly didn’t know how to react to this new taste sensation. I’d say this flavour is a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it. However, after trying this flavour for a second time I can confirm I am the former and love it!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Japanese KitKat mission and so did my tastebuds. It’s a shame that I didn’t make it anywhere near the 300 mark but I will get there one day. The Olympics are being hosted in Tokyo for 2020 and I hear that a KitKat has been released that you can bake it in the oven- so I might just be planning my return trip to Japan sooner rather than later!

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