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The Best Photo Ops in Australia and New Zealand


When you’re visiting Australia and New Zealand bring an external hard drive, memory card, iCloud account – whatever you need to store a billion travel photos.

Pretty much everything is photo-worthy, but don’t miss these fab photo ops in particular:

Fraser Island

That beach…

Fraser Island
Fraser Island


The Opera House, Darling Harbour and the Sydney Bridge are the holy trifecta of Sydney travel photos.

Sydney Operahouse
Sydney Bridge


All red everything.

Uluru road


Most of the beaches in Australia are gorgeous, but this is the Beyonce of beaches.


Byron Bay Beach & Lighthouse

Surfing in Australia has never looked so good.

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Kangaroos and koalas at the Steve Irwin Zoo

Obviously, photos of animals in Australia are necessary. Bonus points for selfies.


Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island

The posing opportunities are endless.

Kangaroo Island

Bondi Beach

Where you pretend to be a surfer for the ‘gram…or just watch the pro’s do their thang.

Bondi Beach

Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles

Queue 10,000 plus likes…

12 Apostles

Secluded beaches on Rottnest Island

Less crowded, and the perfect spot to bust out that risque bikini.

Blue Mountains & 3 Sisters

Anyone up for an eagle ride? There’s just something about those majestic girls that reminds us of The Rescuers Down Under, and the epic Australia scenery we fell in love with as kids.

Great Barrier Reef

Bonus points for sea creature selfies.

Great Barrier Reef
Reef Fish

Melbourne Graffiti

Yes, it’s a well known thing.

Tongariro Crossing

Is that water colour even real?


Cathedral Cove

That rock is pretty darn photogenic.

Cathedral Cove

Milford Sound

Peacefulness personified.

Milford Sound

Lake Taupo

Bonus points for Maori carvings.

Lake Taupo

Fox Glacier

Glacier AND rainforest… photog heaven. Bonus points for New Zealand wildlife.

Fox Glacier


Whether you’re into fairies or elves or hobbits, or even if you’re not, it’s a pretty magical spot.

Hobbiton house