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21 of the most drool-worthy pizza joints around the world

Best Pizza In The World

In honour of World Pizza Day, we’ve undertaken the hunger-inducing task of ranking the best pizza in the world! It’s a tough job when there are restaurants, bars and stalls all around the globe claiming to serve the best slice.

In Italy they argue over which province has the best pizza style. In parts of the US they call it pie – wait, what? – and around the world, we have a long-standing feud between those who do put pineapple on their pizza and those who definitely DO. NOT.

So, to help plan your pizza odyssey around the globe, we’re unveiling our list of the 21 most drool-worthy pizza joints you just have to visit. You’re welcome.

As the original pizza connoisseurs, we had to give Italy a few spots on our prestigious list. It’s their thing, after all.

1. Di Matteo, Naples, Italy

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Tourists will find no shortage of delicious slices in the birthplace of pizza! But if you’re on the go and don’t have time to stop in somewhere for a lengthy lunch, Di Matteo are known for their street-front stall with lengthy lines of local customers. Try the signature Fried Pizza, Macaroni Frittatina or a slice of classic Neapolitan style pizza like Margherita or Bufalina.

2. Gino e Toto Sorbillo Pizzeria, Naples, Italy

Often touted as the “best pizza makers” in Naples, Gino and Toto Sorbillo’s flagship restaurant has been open since 1935. They’re known for their wood-fired pizzas made with organic flour and fresh ingredients – we’d recommend trying the iconic Margherita al Filetto.

You can also try their legendary pizza in Sorbillo’s ever-growing branches around the globe in Milan, Rome, New York and the newly opened spots in Tokyo, Miami and Genova.

3. Pepe in Grani, Caiazzo, Italy

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With Franco Pepe at the helm, this legendary three-story restaurant uses local farmers and produce to create delectable dishes. From the Fried Pizza Calzone and classic Margherita Pizza, to inventive pizzas like the Fig and Strong Cheese Pie, there’s a lot to love. No wonder Pepe in Grani was given the top spot on the ’50 Top Pizza’ list in 2018. Pepe himself even made an appearance in Netflix’s hit series Ugly Delicious. Yep, there’s no denying this is one of the best spots in the world.

4. L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, London, UK

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Fans of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love might recognise the name of this hot spot. It’s the London branch of the famed restaurant in Naples. Even if you haven’t read the book, you might recognise the meme of Julia Roberts saying “I’m having a relationship with my pizza,” in the 2010 film adaptation of the novel.

If you too have a deep love for pizza, you might want to check out the London spot and try their signature Margherita. Or,  branch out and divulge in Truffle Mushroom Pizza or the Salsiccia e Friarielli. Cap off the evening with traditional Neapolitan desserts like Cioccolotta and Baba.

5. Pi, Dublin, Ireland

This woodfired pizza joint burst on to the scene in 2018, quickly becoming a favourite for locals and tourists alike. The signature Nduja Pizza has been named the best pizza in Dublin, while their vegan-friendly Vegate Pizza will melt in your mouth.

6. Dalmata, Paris, France

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A quirky restaurant with a ‘mission to change the pizza game,’ this Parisian restaurant serves up a mix of classic pies such as Margherita and Marinara, and inventive dishes suitable for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Local favourites include the Black Delirium with mushrooms and fresh truffles, or the Giana! with smoked mozzarella, eggplant and pecorino romano. Their pretty pizzas are also perfect for the ‘gram.

7. Rudy’s Pizza, Manchester, UK

Rudy’s dough takes 24 hours to double ferment, and just one minute to cook – leaving diners with drool-worthy floppy pizza to gobble up. Like many of our best pizza joints, Rudy’s specialises in Neapolitan Margherita and Marinara pizzas. Though their Portobello, Tonno and Ancozzese Pizzas – or, really, any pizza – are worth a try.

8. Gazzo, Berlin, Germany

Specialising in sourdough craft pizzas, Gazzo offers up a wide range of not-so-traditional options. Four of their nine signature pizzas can be made vegan on request, while they regularly switch up seasonal specials on offer. Favourite dishes include the Number 3 Pizza, with zucchini, organic feta, garlic, organic mozzarella and lemon, and the Number 7, with fennel salami, locally sourced organic goats curd, mozzarella, rucola, and tomato.

9. Joe’s Pizza, Manhattan, USA

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Okay, we’re done with the Neapolitan Pizza thing now. Just kidding, we will never be done. Buuuut there is something to be said for a classic New York slice. Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, has been serving up such slices since 1975. The place is famed for their authentic street slices, like Plain Cheese, Fresh Mozzarella and Sicilian Square. Since opening their doors and becoming a tourist hot spot, they’ve opened up more store fronts around New York.

10. Bleecker Street Pizza, Manhattan, USA

Another iconic institution, Bleecker Street offers pizza by the slice or pie and is regularly frequented by locals and celebrities. From the Nonna Maria to the Classic Pepperoni and the Buffalo Chicken Ranch – you really can’t go wrong with a slice (or a whole pie) from this New York staple.

11. Pizano’s, Chicago, USA

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Pizano’s opened their doors in 1991, with Rudy Malnati Jr. following in the footsteps of his parents, who opened their first pizza restaurant in Chicago in 1943. They serve up classic Chicago deep dish pizza, with pies like Rudy’s Special and traditional Cheese Pizza on top of our list to try.

12. Virtuous Pie, Vancouver, Canada

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This vegan pizza hot spot was created to provide a wide variety of delicious pizza options for the often-neglected vegans. With locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Victoria – and Portland in the USA – there’s plenty of chance for travellers to try their tasty slices. Customer favourites in 2019 included the Stranger Wing, Ultraviolet and Margherita Pizzas. Yum!

13. Trattoria Taverniti, Toronto

In the heart of Toronto’s Little Italy, this charming restaurant is home to 89-year-old executive chef Mrs. Rosina Taverniti. In this Italian-style trattoria, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported to Tuscany for the evening! Try the Calabrese, Fiori di Latte or Capricciosa pizza.

14. A Pizza da Mooca, São Paulo, Brazil

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Traditional woodfire oven pizzas served up in the heart of Brazil? Yes please! Locals love this spot for its authentic flavours like Margherita and Marinara, with new favourites like Carbonara Pizza and Smoked Salmon Pizza.

15. Antica Pizzeria, Lima, Peru

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This cosy Italian eatery came in fourth in 50 Top Pizza’s list of the best South American pizza places in 2019, so you KNOW they’re good for a mouth-watering slice or two. Their wood-fired pizzas – especially the Pizza Funghi Prosciutto – are calling us.

16. Gigi Pizzeria, Sydney, Australia

Gigi Pizzeria is a vegan pizza joint serving up wood-fired pizzas with traditional flavours from Naples. The restaurant is a favourite in Newtown’s King Street, with locals and other Sydney-siders flocking to try their delicious slices. Favourites include the Melanzane, Patate and Funghi e Radicchio.

17. Madre, Adelaide, Australia

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The dough at this Adelaide hotspot is made using seawater flown in from the Mediterranean. Pretty extra! But their loyal customers prove this pizza might be worth the effort. Their Zucchini Flower and Fior Di Latte Pizzas are perfect choices.

18. Proper Pizza, Auckland, New Zealand

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For pizza with a twist, Proper Pizza has become a quick favourite among locals. The light, crunchy crust of their pizzas is sprinkled with sesame seeds (delish!) and they offer up flavours from Black Truffle pizza to Garden Love pizza.

19. DevilCraft, Tokyo, Japan

Created by craft beer fans, this restaurant pairs the perfect Chicago-style deep dish pizza with the right homemade brew. The Devil Works is up there as the most popular pie, with all their pizzas having three types of cheese on the base, followed by delicious “toppings” and marinara sauce on top.

20. Kytaly, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Run by Antonio Cecere, the kitchen at Kytaly boasts recipes from Franco Pepe of the famed, and previously mentioned, Pepe in Grani. The “best pizza in the world” from an Italian icon, right in the heart of Hong Kong? We’re on board.

21. Massimo’s, Cape Town, South Africa

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One of the best slices in South Africa, Massimo’s serves up delicious thin-crust pizzas. Try the Corleone, Porcella and Pavarotti Pizzas.

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