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Bite-sized is best: 12 best tapas in Spain you NEED to try


There’s just something about a bunch of tiny portions that brings us so much culinary joy. Small, edible bundles of delight that make our mouths oh so happy. What are we talking about? Tapas of course, our absolute favourite part of Spanish cuisine (sorry paella, but you just can’t beat those ham croquetas).

With so much to choose from, and each restaurant and region varying massively, it’s hard to pick favourites…but we did, and here they are…

tapas in spain - Tapas


A tasty garlic-mayo dip eaten with bread or potatoes. It’s like the thicker and stronger big brother of aioli dip, and it’s glorious.

tapas in Spain - allioli


Fried rolls filled with meat or veggies. There are so many filling options for these little pockets of happiness, and the fried shell is always crispy and heavenly.

tapas in Spain - croquetas

Patatas bravas

Fried potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce. Ketchup and fries, the fancy and zesty way.

tapas in Spain - patatas bravas

Jamon serrano

Cured ham, but not your regular lunch meat ham. Serrano ham is definitely the filet mignon of cured meats.

tapas in spain - serrano ham


Anchovies, served deep fried, in a vinegar or olive oil sauce. If we’re gonna have anchovies, this is how we want them every time.

tapas in Spain - anchovies

Arroz del día

The rice of the day. Like a mini paella portion with the option of a zillion delicious ingredients and additions.

tapas in spain - arroz del dia


Mini meatballs, typically in a tomato sauce, which in typical Spanish fashion features a kick not found in your typical Italian meatballs.

tapas in spain - mini meatballs


Olives, stuffed or plain. Spain is the largest producer of olive oil in the world for a reason, and their olives are always on point.

tapas in Spain - Aceitunas

Queso Manchego

Delicious Spanish cheese. Manchego is creamy and aged to perfection, and although you can’t really go wrong with cheese, Manchego is extraordinarily just right.

tapas in Spain - manchego


Spicy, smoky, red peppery sausage goodness.

tapas in Spain - Chorizo


Calamari or squid. For seafood lovers, we need say nothing more. Delish 100% of the time; in tapas or extra-large portions.

tapas in Spain - Calamari


A tomato based cold soup. The perfect soup to drink all year round, and it’s super refreshing and cool in the summer sun.

tapas in spain - gazpacho