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The World’s Longest Pizza Was Cooked Up In California And We’ll Have Some


I don’t know about you guys but I have spent many a night lying awake wondering how long you can make a single pizza. Turns out I’m not the only one dreaming of moreish metres of dough, cheese and sauce, a bunch of people have cooked the longest pizza in California.

How big is big, you ask? Pretty big. The gigantic mother of all pizzas they cooked up was a 1.9km (1.18 miles) long! Setting the new world record for Longest Pizza, and beating 2016’s record of 1.8km long in Naples, Italy, it took 100 people over 54 hours (40 hours prep, 14 hours baking) to make the masterpiece.

The cheese pizza was made from scratch with 8,028kg of dough, 2,267kg passata (tomato sauce) and 1,769kg of mozzarella. That’s a lot of dough kneading isn’t it? They even cooked the humongous pizza using five made-to-order wood fire ovens.

The best part is when it was all over, everyone got a slice! Helpers and bystanders grabbed a slice, and the rest was given to local charities.

You can watch the process in its entirety below:

Now be sure not to confuse the world’s longest pizza with the world’s biggest pizza! That title belongs to Norwood, South Africa who made one giant round pizza 37 metres across and weighing 12,193kgs!