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6 of the best day trips from Budapest

Red flowers in a pot for Budapest day trips.

Budapest will have your heart from the moment you stroll down its historic streets. But many travellers don’t realise there is so much more Hungary has to offer. From charming villages to historic wonders, dazzling nature and much more – here are the best day trips you can take from Budapest.


This adorable town is one of the easiest trips you can make from Budapest, and the perfect little escape from the bustling city. Szentendre is situated on the Danube bend, and only 40 minutes from the capital. Szentendre is the perfect town to explore by foot and as soon as you arrive you will be greeted with quaint buildings painted in pastel shades, cobbled stone streets and authentic orthodox churches.

It’s also home to one of the best langos (a traditional Hungarian dish of deep-fried dough typically topped with cheese and sour cream) stands in the country, so it would be rude not to have one or two whilst visiting.

A street with many colorful lamps hanging from the ceiling, perfect for Budapest day trips.


Otherwise known as the Ram Canyon or the valley of the three springs, if you are a nature lover like me then this will be the perfect spot for you. Legend has it that earth’s heart force is located at the centre of the canyon and it’s not hard to see why. It is truly beautiful with sparkling streams, luscious forest and a tranquil atmosphere, and I’m in literal heaven each time I visit. Prepare yourself for an adventure as you climb through parts of the canyon and conquer some steep hills, but it is all worth it for the breathtaking panoramic views when you reach the top.


Tapolca is a quiet village located in the Transdanubia region of Hungary. Underneath the village, there is an entire cave system which was discovered in 1903. This unique underground world can only be explored via rowboats and is an experience like no other. Rowing through the crystal blue water, be sure to look out for the common minnow (tiny fish). They say if you catch a glimpse of a minnow, you’ll be granted one wish…


A boat is inside a cave.


Ever walked into another country before? No? Well, in Esztergom, this is an everyday occurrence. Located on the Northern Hungarian-Slovakian border, a quick stroll along the Maria Valeria bridge will take you directly into Slovakia with no border issues. It’s also home to the largest basilica in central Europe – if you think Budapest’s St Stephen’s Basilica was impressive, just wait till you lay your eyes on this one. The colourfully domed structure sits proudly above the city, dominating the skyline.


Siófok is Hungary’s answer to Ibiza. This town is often known as the “Capital of Balaton” due to its popularity among tourists and Hungarians alike. In the summer it’s the perfect day trip. You can spend the day relaxing and soaking up the rays on Siófok’s famous silver and gold beaches, and take a dip in Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in central Europe.

A boat docked in the water near a lighthouse for Budapest day trips.


Visegrád is a castle town located not too far from Szentendre, so you could easily squeeze both towns into one day trip. The castle rises from the hills, high above the river. Whilst most of the castle has crumbled away, it still offers visitors a reminder of its luxurious past and importance during the Renaissance period. Whilst you’re at the top of the castle, why not unleash your inner child and take a hop on a bob-sled?

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