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Can Travellers Make The World A Better Place?

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We don’t need to tell you that travel opens you up to new opportunities, people, places and experiences. But while exploring and experiencing the world can make you a better person, can your travels in turn make the world a better place?

You bet it can. After all, more than one billion people will travel internationally this year. Now that’s a whole lot of potential positive action. And with that many people experiencing destinations and cultures outside of their own, you can bet some incredible things will happen. Things a little like this…

Driving Local Economies Into Beast Mode

When more than a billion people are moving around the planet, you can bet that even more billions of dollars are moving with them every single year. Now that’s a ton of cash. When travellers support local restaurants, shops, and hotels, that money gets fed into the local economy and can help increase standards of living within a community. So go local, treat yourself, and in turn help others out. #WINNING

Keeping Heritage and Traditions Going Strong

Travellers crave the things that make each destination unique, and that’s great news for local traditions and arts. Handicrafts and local artisan creations make awesome authentic souvenirs to take home, so when travellers purchase local creations, they’re also giving a big boost to heritage and traditions.  Seeking out and supporting local flair helps to keep heritage going strong, and also leaves you with some incredible coffee table creations to get people oohhing and aahhhing.

The Big Exchange

Nothing moves ideas and philosophies around the globe quite like people moving around the globe. Experiencing other cultures and swapping stories and ideas increases awareness, perspective and appreciation for the rest of the world, bringing us all a little closer together. It’s a lot easier to understand someone’s thoughts and ideals is if you’ve actually visited where they live.

Inspiring The Difference Makers

We all know travel can be a truly inspiring experience. For some amazing individuals, that spark of inspiration can be world changing. Many of the great revolutionaries, artists, thought leaders, and social drivers through history have found inspiration in their exploration of the world. Writers like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and J.K. Rowling all credit travel experiences for giving them their spark of inspiration for their great and influential works. Musicians like Bob Marley and The Beatles have found new brilliance based on time spent abroad. And even scientists like Charles Darwin, whose father regarded travel as a waste of time and objected to his son pursuing it, hit upon his world changing theory of evolution while exploring the world. If all of these individuals had simply stayed home, who knows how many incredible works and ideas would never have been explored.