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6 traditional Chinese New Year foods you need to try


Already feeling like the year is leaving you behind? Fear not, January has just been a trial run so far and you can have a second go when Chinese New Year hits in February! This year is the Year of the Pig, and while there are many ways to celebrate, perhaps the most pleasurable is eating! It’s considered lucky to eat certain traditional foods on Chinese New Year, with each carrying it’s own symbolic meaning to represent what you want to welcome into your life in the year ahead.


Noodles are symbolic of happiness and longevity. If you love chilli we recommend trying Dan Dan noodles.


Dumplings and spring rolls

Packaged parcels of deliciousness, dumplings and spring rolls are symbolic of wealth so you know we’ll be munching on a bucket load of them!



These sweet rice balls are a family favourite and just so happen to represent family togetherness. Made from boiled glutinous rice flour and served with sweet syrup, they’re a crowd pleaser alright.


Nian Gao

Nian Gao literally translates as ‘year cake’ and is naturally most popular during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The sticky, delicious, glutinous rice cake will bring higher income or status to your year.


Tangerines and oranges

Citrus fruits like tangerines and oranges are two of the most common Chinese New year foods and stand for fullness, good luck and wealth. The bright colour is associated with good fortune and they’re easy gifts to carry and give to others on the holiday.



Eating fish welcomes an increase in prosperity on Chinese New Year. Catfish is especially welcome as in Chinese, the word sounds similar to the phrase ‘year surplus’ So eat catfish and you’ll have a bountiful 12 months!