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Turn your favourite chocolate bars into calzone at this London pizza joint

Mini pepperoni pizzas on a baking sheet for pancake day.

If you’re passionate about pizza but choosey about your chocolate, Pizza Pilgrims in Shoreditch, London, is definitely the place for you.

As well as the usual array of stone-baked pizzas on offer, Pizza Pilgrims have now kicked off a bespoke desert calzone menu, and this is sure to deliver the gooey, gluttonous deliciousness you’ve always been searching for.

Because sometimes regular old chocolate cake isn’t enough. Everyone who’s passionate about chocolate has their go-to treat, so why not make it the central part of your desert? That’s right, just bring in your favourite chocolate bar (galaxy amirite?) and the Pizza Pilgrims will encase it in soft pizza dough and bake it to perfection.


As you can probably imagine, this is no low-cal calzone, but when you bear witness to these chocolatey creations for yourself, you just won’t care.


And this place doesn’t just allow you to bring your own chocolate; it’s bring your own booze, too. For a tiny corkage fee you can pop open your favourite bottle of sauce while you eat, which is a pretty rare treat for a pizza place in London. If you’re in a creative mood, whilst waiting for your food why not have a crack at some ‘pizza art’? Pizza Pilgrims are on the hunt for pizza-inspired renditions of famous paintings, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a Vincent Van Dough, you can help decorate their establishment in return for free slices.


So, what do you think? What chocolate bar reigns supreme when it comes to its pizza potential?