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5 Contiki food experiences you can’t leave the USA without doing

A group of people having a food experience around a table.

Sure, you can get clued up at the museums and fill up your camera memory as you sightsee, but the best way to get to know the USA is to indulge in its unparalleled food scene. Heading to the USA with Contiki? These are the 5 food experiences that will have you hooked for life…

Texan BBQ

Texas being the USA’s largest state, is it any real surprise that the unofficial Texas mantra is ‘bigger is better’? We’re talking huge hats, huge cars – and meals that could put you in a food coma for days. There’s only one way to get the true taste of Texas, and that’s with a traditional BBQ. In Texas, BBQ’s are no ‘throwing meat on an outdoor fire’ type of ordeal. The meat is slow cooked over hickory wood until it’s falling off the bone, rubbed with secret spices, and served with some irresistible Southern sides like coleslaw, collard greens or Mac & Cheese. We’re not drooling, you’re drooling…

A plate of ribs and sides showcasing delightful food experiences.

NYC Food Cart Tour

NYC is the name, eclectic is the game. The Big Apple is an exciting mishmash of cultures and cuisines, with so much on offer it would make any food enthusiast squeal with delight. How do you choose where to go with so many options on offer? The answer is simple: an NYC food cart tour. Rally up the squad and hit the streets – with everything from hot dogs and pizza, to falafel and tacos on offer, there’ll be something to satisfy everyone. Perch yourself on a stoop Carrie Bradshaw style and tuck in.


A woman enjoying a unique food experience from a food truck.

Cuban feast in Miami

Miami is the city of 3 F’s: fierce, flamboyant, and full of feasts – the Cuban kind, that is. Cuban influence oozes out of the vibrant streets of this Florida gem, so it’s only right you blend in by indulging in an all-out Cuban meal with your travel buddies. Think mojitos, Cubano sandwiches, tacos and fresh fish, with all the Florida flair you can handle. You may eat until you’re unable to move, but luckily a touch of post-feast salsa dancing will help you work it off…

A man having a food experience with pizza.

Chinatown dinner in San Fran

In the creative metropolis of San Fransisco, it simply wouldn’t be right if you didn’t head to Chinatown for a traditional Chinese dinner. Here, Chinese food is the city favourite: chop suey, won tons, dim sum and crispy duck are a few of the San Fran classics that you’ll be enjoying, surrounded by the vibrant colours of buzzing Chinatown. Work off your mouth-watering dinner with a peruse around Chinatown’s untold secrets. The highlight? Snapping your fortune cookie, of course…


People enjoying food experiences while walking down a street in San Francisco.

Beignets in New Orleans

Ah, New Orleans. The city that will have you swooning to the sweet sounds of Southern jazz, sightseeing in the enchanting Jackson Square, but most importantly, salivating over the city’s unique French-inspired cuisine. What with the aromas of all the Cajun spices and seafood Gumbo overwhelming your senses, there’s one quintessential New Orleans food you’ve simply got to eat in abundance: beignets. These square pastries covered in powdered sugar are nothing short of little bowls of heaven, and best enjoyed with a coffee to ensure your full day of exploring is off to an epic start. Yum!

A person is holding a cup of coffee, enhancing their food experiences.