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These Contiki reunion stories will give you the warm and fuzzies

Contiki reunion

Meh, a high school reunion might be fun one day, but we are down for a Contiki reunion every day of the week. Sorry high school reunions and don’t take it personally, but you have absolutely nothing on a Contiki get together.

It’s inevitable that once those deep Contiki bonds are formed on a trip, you’ll be planning and plotting ways to reunite in different parts of the world for years to come. And trust us, a Contiki reunion is always one for the record books, as these stories prove…

30 years and still going strong

“GE706 7th April 1987. We had 16 out of 42 (plus family) at our 27 year Contiki reunion. Awesome memories and get together from Aussie and Kiwis. Another catch up planned in 5 years time.” – Raewyn W.

Contiki Reunion - Raewyn

Consistent AF

Two years ago in Italy, I met Daniel as part of our Contiki Italy Tour & I’ve been annoying him ever since. Bwahaha. Last year I visited Sydney to visit him & run City2Surf. Last month I visited him again in Australia, checked out Kiama. Last week he visited San Diego for a week and we got our hike on, showed him Balboa Park & beaches. This past weekend we met up in New York while I was in town to run Rock n Roll Brooklyn… Until next yr my friend. Have a safe trip back.

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Milestone Meetups

“Stephanie E. & I met Megan J. & Belinda O. on LA to the Bay in America in 2013. Steph & Megan now live together in Melbourne & last month we went to Europe to holiday together again! Have been to 3 engagements, 1 wedding, many parties & a lot more fun times to still be had after we also meet up with Steph C., Jaimi-Lee T. Tina L. and Kirsty V.!! Contiki brought us together & we will be friends forever!” – Tahnee S.


A messy 21st

Literally had the best long weekend Big contiki reunion with my Australia friends from ALL over, come together to celebrate Annie’s 21st! 21 of us came from all over England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales… even Germany & Australia. Although the rain & the mud came, we still camped out and partied in wellies all night. #Happiness Love you guys ️ #Camping #ContikiReunion #Reunion – thank you @mark_heap for having a huge part on these strong friendships.

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The Camping Crew

“Contiki SP/1 1976 Spain, Portugal, Morocco & Algeria. 26 passengers, 3 crew + 1 trainee courier. From this group of amazing people who came together on this 5 week totally all camping trip, we still have an active group of 21 who are all in touch. We have had 5 reunions since meeting all those years ago. 1996 Sydney, 2006 Sydney, 2011 Waiheke Island NZ, 2013 Tasmania, 2016 Adelaide (our 40 year reunion) and next April 2018 we all to meet again in Queenstown, NZ.

Our husbands/wives and partners are all part of our big Contiki family now. Each reunion is like going out of one door and coming in another door, the years just melt away. We looked out for each other on our trip, maybe that is why we are so close now. Sadly we have lost 3 of our friends over the years but at each reunion we toast friendship – those who are absent and those we have lost. Thank you Contiki for bringing us all together all those years ago.” – Elizabeth T.


Footy friends

4 years ago we met in the US. Today we’re in Melbs watching the eagles #contikireunion #victoria #gameday #melbourne #etihad #goeagles #footy #wce

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Bringing the Contiki to the Wedding

“We had 3 of our Contiki travellers at our wedding, one of them as my husband’s best man. Sadly our trip was well before social media so it is hard to find people now. Would be amazing to have a reunion. We did the Australian Southern Capitals trip that started on 5 March 1989, in Sydney.” – Sylvia D.


Come to Egypt with me?

It’s hard to believe that almost a full month has passed since my trip to Egypt! I first met @jess_cf_traveler on a trip to Russia last year & was so excited when she said she’d come to Egypt with me. Here we are during our “Dress Like An Egyptian” Party as we cruised along the Nile River. I truly think it wouldn’t have been as amazing of an experience without her! Thanks for an amazing trip! #gimpyglobetrotter #hoplikeanegyptian #contikireunion #friends #travelfriends #egypt #contiki #contikiegypt #adventure #backpack #beautifulday #backpacker #dailylife #instatravel #instapassport #lifeoftravel #journey #nomad #travel #worldtravel #worldtraveling #wanderlust #vagabond #africa

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The blessings of email

“My mom (59) just reconnected with her Contiki friends from when she was in her 20’s! They are all on an email group together, and plan to have a reunion in a year or two.” – Meaghan G.

Ice cream connections

Great Northern, USA, Aug-Sep 1997. Still friends 20 years later xox” – Narelle O.

Contiki Reunion - Narelle

Fam Jams

“Stephen M., Vee C. and I had a reunion for 2 years. And in that time we reunited with Ashley H. and Scott A. TWICE. Contiki is family <3” – Jennifer R.

And some more #contikireunion photos just to warm your heart a bit more

A Contiki Reunion with Heather for my first Beavertail! I can’t believe it’s been NINE years!!!

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Hen ready #manchester #contikireunion #hen #nightout #birdcage

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those friends you may not see very often, but when you do it feels like yesterday! #threemusketeers #eightyearslater #contikireunion #lovethesegirlstopieces @miss_hol_doll @alex_forrest #cantwaitforyourtriptocairns xx

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This time last year we were playing around in the snow together in Switzerland. This year we are attempting to ice skate at Fed Square️ thank you so much for visiting Melbs this weekend, miss you already #contikireunion #melbourne #fedsquare

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I’m so grateful to have met so many amazing people while I was overseas in Europe 6 months ago. I’m happy to say I was able to make life long friends, and we will stay good friends no matter the distance. and most importantly, I’m so grateful that they made the effort to travel as far as Australia to celebrate my birthday with me! And thanks to those not in this photo and those who couldn’t make it. I love you all #contikifam #contikireunion

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