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Introducing our 2019-2020 Contiki USA Travel Ambassadors!

Love travel? Contiki is on a quest to find travelers that want to share that love with the communities they inspire. Que Contiki’s first-ever Ambassador program! Over the past 3 months we’ve been on the hunt to find 20 travel enthusiasts to spread the word of Contiki and the experiences you have when traveling abroad. From sustainable travel practices to the friendships you make while wandering the world with a group of other 18-35 year old travelers, this group was brought together to experience a Contiki trip first hand (psst.. it was the Mediterranean Quest) and give their communities an inside look at what we’re all about.

Want to hear what they have to say? Well, let’s meet our 2019 Contiki Travel Ambassadors:

Patty Olino | Fresno, CA

Instagram: @Scrubsandstripes

“Turned 25 in Italy! ?? Celebrated my quarter-century amongst incredible new friends boating around the stunning island of Capri. May have swapped cake with Prosecco, but let’s be real it may have been the cheap kind. ? Thank you to Contiki for making this the most memorable birthday I could ever ask for. #thisis25”

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Divya Patel | Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @Liv_like_div

“This past month I was selected to be a #ContikiAmbassador and was able to join @Contiki and 20 other amazing ambassadors on a 10 day trip to the Mediterranean Coast! I am not one for group travels but this trip changed my perspective! Thanks to Contiki I was able to experience a super fun group travel, amazing food, unique accommodations, and memorable experiences such as biking through the French Riviera, visiting an active monastery, pasta cooking class and dining with the locals in Rome to name a few!”

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Robert Liberatore | Durham, NC

Instagram: @robert_lib

“Can someone please tell me where the Pope’s at? Had the chance to tour the Vatican yesterday and it absolutely blew me away ⛪ Getting to walk through the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica was easily one of the highlights of this @Contiki trip and something I think everyone should try to do when they visit Rome!”

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Shelby Hicks | Durham, NC

Instagram: @Shelbss44

“Was it all a dream…?✨ Finished our adventure with @Contiki on the Italian coast and it is definitely bucket list worthy. But all the beautiful locations aside, the thing I loved most about this trip was connecting with other like-minded individuals I wouldn’t have normally had the opportunity to meet…”

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Allison Murray | Pittsburgh, PA

Instagram: @allisonolander

“Only with @Contiki could you find yourself on a rooftop in Rome, overlooking the pantheon, sharing a meal with locals and your new travel bffs…”

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Are you a student? Ask me how traveling with Contiki is easy and affordable for students looking to explore the world! Plus, students get a special discount! ?

Patricia Santos | Middletown, CT

Instagram: @simplysantos

“FINALLY made it to Europe for the first time and am soo happy I came as a group with @Contiki. I’ve been traveling almost exclusively with @tomstrickland for the past 2 years and it was absolutely amazing to change things up and go on a trip with 20 other like-minded people. There’s a lot of reasons why I like group travel, especially with companies like @Contiki who focus on trips for the younger 18-35 year olds and having the time of your lives…”

Next Contiki Trip: Spain, Morocco, and Portugal

Looking for travel tips? Ask me what I do to travel effectively and efficiently everywhere I go. Plus, when you’re visiting as many places as we did on our Contiki, you want to be prepared for everything!

Tom Strickland | Middletown, CT

Instagram: @tomstrickland

“I always told myself that I would save Europe for when I was ‘old and rich’… but when @Contiki announced that I had been selected as one of their 2019 Travel Ambassadors and I could experience one of their tours through the Mediterranean I couldn’t believe my luck! 7 days in and safe to say I’ve had a lot of my expectations blown out of the water…”

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Rachel-Jean Firchau | Los Angeles, CA

Instagram: @racheloffduty

“Day 3 of our 10-day #MedQuest along the Mediterranean with @Contiki was a huge success! We biked around the candy-colored city with @Nicecycletours in the morning and ate some of the most incredible croissants and pasta of my life! #ContikiAmbassador”

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Lana Nguyen | Medford, MA

Instagram: @Laanuhh

“I have never gone on a group travel before, so I was a little skeptical coming on this trip at first. But Contiki had everything planned, which really helped a ton! They had a whole itinerary, along with accommodation, transportation, experiences and tons of meals already set! I literally just had to show up and have the time of my life. Truly grateful to have met such genuine, like-minded souls ☺ thanks for such a life-changing, memorable experience @Contiki…”

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Gabriella Miller | Lawrence, KS

Instagram: @gabrielladmiller

“Oh my Gaudí . I love Barcelona ? Thank you @Contiki for the tapas, flamenco show, and unlimited sangria ? #ContikiAmbassador

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Tim Hoang | Dallas, TX

Instagram: @storiesbytim

“Final summation of the whole @Contiki trip: absolutely incredible. Prior to this amazing experience, I would’ve never found myself to enjoy group travel with strangers as much as I did. I never expected to deeply bond with people so quickly and leave a trip with new friendships that’ll last lifetimes. If I could say one thing that I’ve been repeating so many times already – I wouldn’t have asked for my first trip to Europe to go any differently….”

Next Contiki Trip: European Discovery

First international trip? Ask me how Contiki is making it easier than ever for you to take your first big trip (like paying for your passport)!

Kyle Wilson | Kent, OH

Instagram: @totalllyykyle

“*slurps cappuccino* Woke up this morning feeling extra grateful for this amazing experience and the relationships that I’ve built while traveling through the Mediterranean. Keep an eye out for a blog post about group travel with @Contiki and my Italy video…”

Next Contiki Trip: Spain, Morocco & Portugal

Looking for a travel buddy? Contiki has you covered. Contiki pairs you with other like-minded 18-35 year olds, so you may embark solo, but you’ll return with new travel BFFs.

Parth Patel | Newport News, VA

Instagram: @_parthenaan

“Until further notice, assume that I’d always be in Italy ??! The City of Florence is an architectural masterpiece! All thanks to the Masters of Florence aka the Medici Family. Thank you @Contiki for touring me this marvelous city! You must visit this city if you haven’t already. I guarantee you will be in complete awe!…”

Next Contiki Trip: Peru Uncovered

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Lindsey Randle | Bloomington, IN

Instagram: @Lindseyyrandle

“Fell in love with Barcelona yesterday @Contiki #ContikiAmbassador… I am kind of OBSESSED with Europe right now and I want to see everything. I am wanting to return to the places we went and see even more!…”

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Emmanuel Lopez | Dallas, TX

Instagram: @itsemanlopez

“Having the time of my life in the French Riviera?! Contiki has really rolled out the red carpet for us! Our trip leader #ContikiMikael ? and driver #ContikiPaolo ?? are ?! Interested in learning how you can book this trip for yourself just let me know…”

Next Contiki Trip: Total Thailand

Want to know more about my Contiki Trip Manager? Ask me why having local knowledge from a trained Contiki Trip Manager took this trip from awesome to epic.

Archi Lora | Boston, MA

Instagram: @Archiibearr

“WOW that’s basically all I can say. Its day 3 of my #MedQuest with @Contiki and it’s been one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I can’t believe I was so worried about coming here and meeting every one. But all I’ve been met with is kindness, love and the beginning of long lasting friendships

Next Contiki Trip: Asian Adventure

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Alicia Marazzani | Martinez, CA

Instagram: @Aliciarain.jpg

“The last supper with the @Contiki fam. Literally, the whole trip I’ve been talking about living in the city center with a beautiful rooftop (perhaps I’m easily amused haha) Tonight we are all eating dinner on the rooftop of my dreams with locals who live in the building. Thank you to Contiki and @eatwith for making this magical experience happen. #ContikiAmbassador

Next Contiki Trip: Eternal India

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Caroline Avery | Woodstock, GA

Instagram: @caroline.leaf

“I’m finally back in the states and already missing my whirlwind of a trip. We hit 5 different countries in a span of 10 days, and I met 20 strangers who have become lifelong friends. I came into this trip not knowing what to expect but @Contiki has exceeded every expectation I could have had. As this being the first time traveling alone I came into the trip very nervous, but Contiki helped me through every part of it. They had everything booked, so all I had to do was show up and have fun…”

Next Contiki Trip: Thai Island Hopper West

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Jake Brian | Sarasota, FL

Instagram: @jakebrian

“Travel has been one of the craziest and life-changing experiences. There’s so much to be known and so much out there… New friends, and new places, and new experiences have all been absolutely amazing from this trip with @Contiki…”

Next Contiki Trip: Beaches and Reefs (with sailing)

Traveling abroad for the first time? Ask me what it’s like to finally take the leap and how travel can change your life too. Plus – Contiki will pay for your first passport!

Want to be next? Follow @Contiki and #ContikiAmbassador for updates from all of our Contiki USA Travel Ambassadors and watch (or be part of) their adventures!