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Beats By Contiki – Your Summer Travel Playlist


While you should always travel with all five senses, sometimes one of those senses picks up something you don’t want to deal with. We’re talking about people snoring (among making other annoying sounds- looking at you, crying babies) on planes, coaches, and trains. Sometimes, you need to quiet the outside world by drowning it out with music to soothe the soul or pump you up (like in the discount double check commercial… where you at, Hans and Frans?). Never fear over spending hours toiling through your music to create the ultimate playlist- we’ve already done it for you.

Sadly, we aren’t Boys Like Girls and you don’t want our voices to be the soundtrack to your #GreatEuropeanSummer, so head to Contiki’s Soundcloud for even more music to make your ears happy.

Want to get your live music fix while traveling? Germany’s Berlin has a scene that will blow your mind, check it out on the 22-day European Vista trip. If you’re more of a pub person who eats, sleeps, and breathes indie and rock music, our 13-day Scotland & Ireland trip has you covered.