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Delicious European Candies you Can’t Find in the States. Treat Yo’ Self!

chocolate candy

Traveling is really about treating yo’ self to the experiences, cultures, foods, and candies that you just can’t get back home. Plus, life is too short to not indulge in the sweet side of travel. So sit back and relax because Contiki is taking you on a visual dessertcation of the smorgasbord of delicious unique European candies you can only get across the pond. Yum!

Chocolate Bar… DROOL!

The Infamous Cadbury Crunchie

This delicious British milk chocolate confection with a crunchy honeycomb, toffee, and sugar center is a one-of-a-kind that is, sadly, not distributed in the States.

European Candies

Taste the chocolaty, crunchy goodness for yourself on Contiki’s European Discovery trip

The Over-The-Top Cadbury Double Decker Bar

This British candy bar is the perfect combination of one layer of chewy nougatine atop a layer of crispy cereal and then coated in delicious milk chocolate perfection. Fun fact; its name was inspired by the British double decker buses.

European Candies

See both types of double deckers for yourself on Contiki’s London & Paris + Rome trip

The Tasty Cadbury Twirl

This yummy chocolate bar originated in Ireland in the early 1970s. Each package contains two finger-like “twirls” of crunchy milk chocolate flakes coated in smooth milk chocolate. Did I mention you get two in each package? You get two!!

European Candies

Temp your twirl taste buds on Contiki’s Scotland & Ireland Trip

The Wonderful Cadbury Wispa

This delicious and velvety milk chocolate UK candy bar was actually discontinued in 2003 and then brought back by popular demand to the UK and Ireland market in 2008.

European Candies

Taste its trademark tiny but dense milk chocolate bubble center on Contiki’s European Magic trip

Nestle’s Kit Kat Chunky

Give me a break (pun intended)! Nestle makes a chunky version of the Kit Kat bar and it’s only sold in Europe?! Not fair! This chocolate bar is basically the same thing as the Kit Kat bar you find in the States except it’s actually one larger, solid “chunky” bar of flaky wafer and chocolate goodness instead of the two or four smaller finger bars. Also, it comes in a variety of flavors including…..peanut butter…drooooool….

European Candies

Find out if bigger is better on Contiki’s European Highlights trip

The Elusive Nestle Kit Kat Dark

Rejoice dark chocolate connoisseurs! There is in fact a 70% dark chocolate version of the Kit Kat bar! Unfortunately (or fortunately), you’ll have to travel to the UK to try it! This dark chocolate confection was permanently introduced to the UK market in 2006 and has occasionally made small appearances on US shelves as limited edition releases (which quickly sold out). What does it taste like, you ask? Like a dark chocolate Kit Kat bar of course!

European Candies

Taste the difference for yourself on Contiki’s European Horizon trip

The Original Nestle Yorkie Bar

The Yorkie was originally created in the late 1970s by Eric Nicoli of Yorkshire, England, hence its name. This milk chocolate bar was originally composed of six chocolate chunks with each letter of Y-O-R-K-I-E molded into each chunk. Today, there are only five chunks of delicious milk chocolate with its entire name molded in each chunk.

European Candies

Devour each chunk of chocolate for yourself on Contiki’s Great Britain & Ireland trip

Nestle’s Tempting Toffee Crisp

This delicious milk chocolate bar has a biscuit and crispy cereal center smothered in soft and chewy caramel and encased in a milk chocolate sell. YUM! This UK candy bar is one not to be missed!

European Candies

Don’t miss out on this scrumptious bar on Contiki’s European Vista trip


Chewy & Salty Haribo Piratos

These fun and delicious German black licorice chews are very salty and strong tasting. They come in coin shapes with pirate images such as skulls and crossbones, guns, and parrots, molded into the center.

European Candies

Unlock this treasure for yourself on Contiki’s Eastern Road trip

The Very Popular Haribo Starmix

European Candies

Starmix is the most popular Haribo gummy in the UK. These fruit and cola flavored gummies come in fun shapes like bears, rings, heart throbs, cola bottles, and fried eggs…?!

Taste each and every fun shape on Contiki’s England & Scotland trip


Now that we’ve seriously tempted your taste buds, wanting to try them all is understandable! Try all these delicious candies (and many, many, many more) on Contiki’s Ultimate European Plus Egypt trip

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!