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Drop It Like A Squat – Quick & Easy On-The-Go Travel Exercises

A row of dumbbells in a gym.

Staying fit while traveling can seem like a challenge. With limited space and time we understand the tendency to skip over your workout. That’s why we created this list of quick and easy travel exercises that can be done anywhere – when standing in line, on the airplane, on the train, in the museum, even on the Contiki coach!

I Dip, You Dip, We Dip with Arm Dips

All this takes is a chair or some sort of elevated and stable object.

Exercise Dips

Lunge Before You Lounge

All this takes is your sexy, buff legs and a couple feet of space.

Exercise Lunge

Get Your Curls On

If you’re traveling you most likely have a travel backpack or purse that you carry everywhere. We bet that little bag weighs about 3-5 pounds. As you’re waiting around to get that gelato, into that museum, or for your transportation do some quick bicep curls with your bag for an easy mini workout. So what if people look at you?! Turn it into a conversation and then direct them to the beach with your index finger and beautifully toned guns!

Exercise Curls

Ahh, push it. Pu-Push it real good

We’re talking about elevated push-ups of course. Again, all this takes is some sort of elevated and stable object.

Exercise push-up

Just Twitch It

These exercises are so easy and can be done anywhere. Sitting. Standing. Flying in a plane. Driving in a Contiki coach. Lying on your bed. Just pick a region to focus on and flex that muscle. It could be your gluts, it could be your abs, it could be your calves, and it could be your quads. Just pick the muscle group, do some reps, and then repeat. You’re doing these as you read this, aren’t you? So am I!

Leg Twitch

Laugh More!

Did you know that about 10-15 minutes of laughter burns up to 40 calories?! Not to mention it’s fun! So, pop in that funny movie or sit next to that humorous (and cute) tour mate. The travel time and calories will fly by when you’re laughing.


Drop it Like a Squat

Much like the lunge, all this takes is your sexy legs and glutes. Very little space required.