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Dutch winter food in Amsterdam: 9 delicious things you need to eat

A delicious bowl of french fries with the perfect dipping sauce, ready to be devoured during an incredible eating experience in Amsterdam.

If you ever hear people talking about Amsterdam they often always end up talking about this; food. So forget riding around town on bicycles, and make room for all the delicious foods you need to eat in Amsterdam during winter.


The Dutch are renowned for their world famous home-made fries in a paper cone a.k.a patat drizzled with mayonnaise amongst many other toppings. Boy, do they like their condiments. There’s the patatje oorlog, a mix of peanut sate sauce, mayo & onions. Or the patat special which includes curry ketchup, mayonnaise & onion.

A plate of French fries on a table in Amsterdam.


Excuse me, what? Think tiny pancakes baked in special pans so they come out looking cute & fluffy. They’re a lil’ sweeter than pancakes and are served with powdered sugar & butter. What’s our tip? Open your mouth big enough so you can try to fit 4 at once. No, seriously.

A table full of food set on a red checkered tablecloth, ready for a delightful meal in Amsterdam.


Okay, stop freaking out even though the names are sounding more extreme by the minute. Bitterballen is a savoury Dutch meat-based snack in small balls and a hot favourite. Yes, balls. No surprises there..

HOT TIP: Hit up Foodhallen, Amsterdam’s infamous food market based in a converted textiles warehouse for an array of the most iconic Dutch dishes all in one place.

Two glasses of gin on a tray in Amsterdam.


Be sure to indulge in a delicious sandwich when you’re in the Netherlands. They pack a punch & come in an array of flavours ranging from roast beef, pork, sausage, liver and even smoked eel! Broodje are typically consumed for breakfast – so treat yo’self.

HOT TIP: Eat a Broodje Herring, which is a local favourite. Although you may frown at the thought of “raw herring”, (which is a type of fish) it’s very rich in flavour and really not that fishy.

A delectable hot dog on a soft bun, perfect for a quick eat in Amsterdam.


Ok, move along Swedish Ikea meatballs, the Dutch seriously love their meat & potatoes and for good reason. This humble dish epitomises comfort food at its finest and is a serious favourite amongst the locals.

Spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce is a delicious dish to eat in Amsterdam.


Potato + minced chicken = croquette. It’s covered in breadcrumbs & then deep-fried to form a cylindrical long shape.


Ahh yes, cheese but you haven’t had cheese until you’ve been to the Netherlands.

HOT TIP: In Amsterdam, you can visit a cheese & clog farm on a Contiki where many travellers get to learn about the culture whilst sampling cheese & trying on clogs!

A mouth-watering display of cheese in a window, tempting any passerby to stop and indulge, reminding them of the delectable flavors they can eat in Amsterdam.


Love cookies, caramel and wafers all in one? Then you’ve come to the right place. Stroopwafel is one of the world’s most underrated cookies. It’s a thin layer of caramel-like syrup sandwiched between two wafers, best served with a tea of coffee. There’s a special technique to eating a stroopwafel. First you put the disc on top of your mug & let it sit for a few minutes until it’s soft & gooey. Once the steam from your mug has created a soft centre, it’s yours to enjoy.

Enjoy an irresistible combination of a cup of coffee and a delectable waffle, the perfect treat to eat in Amsterdam.


No trip would be complete without trying the craft beer in the Netherlands. Although the competition is fierce with Germany right next door, don’t be fooled. There are two important things to know when visiting Holland. 1 – How to say Proost! 2 – Find a craft beer brewery or bar, and explore Amsterdam’s buzzing nightlife.

HOT TIP: Head to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam with your friends for a taste of the world famous Dutch beer.

Three glasses of beer on a wooden table in Amsterdam.