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Sustainable travel takes effort and a little bit of money, but we like to think that the Earth is worth it. And unlike the beer on Saint Paddy’s Day, this green reference isn’t just a one day initiative- it should be part of your every day routine. Here are a few devices and apps to help carry the green lifestyle into your travels

Solar Charger – $40-$150 USD

.Planning on spending your day lounging on the beach and using up all of your phone’s battery? No need to face the terrifying decision between music and using the camera – you can have your cake and eat it too. Just set this out in the sun and continue the “no worries” mentality that you’ve hopefully embraced by letting your phone get juiced without being attached to a power outlet.

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Eco Amp – $10 USD

Want speakers that you won’t be devastated to see break and can compact to the size of a sheet of paper? While these technically aren’t speakers, they amplify the sound a surprising amount and are perfect for an afternoon of music in the park or to blast in the bathroom while getting ready for a night out. The best part? They’re made of 100% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

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Solar Backpacks – $100 USD

When you travel, chances are you’re carrying around a purse or backpack. What if that backpack could charge your dying cell phone that has been abused and forced to take hundreds of pictures and navigate you all day? Well, Birksun backpacks can do that. Every two minutes of sunlight charges your smartphone one percent! And don’t worry if it rains, the solar panel is waterproof.

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AA Recharchable USB batteries – $18 USD

Have a camera that runs on AA batteries? What about that portable speaker? Rather than constantly buying new batteries, buy some that you can recharge by plugging into a USB port. You don’t need any adaptors or cables for this and you won’t be contributing to the 15 billion alkaline batteries that are thrown away each year, because these can be re-used hundreds of times. So, say goodbye to Duracell and hello to USBCell.

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Eco-Friendly iPad Case – $36 USD

Protect your iPad and stay green! Meet ReFleece, the iPad case made from nearly 100% recycled/upcycled stuff. What does that mean? Your old jacket (figuratively speaking) is mixed with recycled plastic bottles to create this case that has immense durability to protect your beloved iPad.

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