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How do I…make economy feel like business without the price tag?


We’ve all had a little cry inside every time we fly economy and see the other line of business and first class travellers being whisked off to their palatial plane suites.

So how do you recreate business class luxury when you’re in economy (and lets be honest, we’ll probably always be in economy)?

Like this:

Bring your own pillow and blanket

Comfort is absolutely key on a flight, no matter how long or short. To catch those all-essential zzz’s, bring your favourite pillow and/or blanket from home. You’ll feel more unique without the bog standard blankets the cabin crew hand out to everyone, and you’re more likely to doze off with the familiar feel of your own cosy set-up.

Source your own entertainment

For short haul flights bringing your own source of entertainment is of course essential, but if you don’t fancy suffering through movies you’ve already seen twice on a long haul, come prepared. Download back-up entertainment onto your phone, laptop or tablet. Try and stick to things you haven’t heard or seen before to keep it exciting. Even switch it up with a magazine or book if that’s something you haven’t done for a while.

Make friends with the cabin crew

By making friends with the cabin crew, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone; creating a friendlier, more relaxed atmosphere and making yourself a memorable passenger. Start with a smile, question or even a compliment. It’s guaranteed to only work in your favour, and will likely be much appreciated by the crew who work hard to keep everyone on board safe and happy. And who knows, maybe they’ll sneak you a freebie drink or even a business class meal…

Create your own mini spa

To truly emulate the business class experience, make yourself a mini spa bag complete with essential oils like lavender to help you sleep, and beauty products guaranteed to keep your skin looking fresh. You’ll be the envy of the whole cabin with your mid-flight face mask and moisturiser routine, and you’ll step off the plane looking amazing, feeling rejuvinated, and ready to have the trip of a lifetime…


Bring some indulgent snacks

If airplane food fails to excite you, worry not – your meals can be whatever you want them to be! Pack and prep some super healthy snacks like nuts, seeds and dried fruit to keep your energy up, or even stick to a few packs of seasoning or hot sauce to give the airplane food the boost that it needs. All it needs is a garnish, and you’ll soon feel like you’re in your own sky-high restaurant…

Dress the part

Luxury and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. In terms of flight attire, you’ll feel a million bucks if you arrive for your flight dressed as comfortably as possible – while still remaining uber classy, of course. You don’t have to rock up in your old pyjamas, instead think nice leggings, fluffy socks and loose tops. Maybe even bring some extras so you can change mid way through the flight to avoid that gross ‘flight’ feeling.